Feb 17, 2008

A few good reasons to continue the war in the Middle East

Do you still need a reason for why we’re fighting this war on terror? Let me provide you with a few.


  • This link here will allow you to experience the last few minutes of a man’s life as he’s trapped in one of the towers on 9/11. I watched/listened to it once, and only once. I’ll never be able to do that again.
  • This link here will allow you to fully understand the culture of the enemy we are fighting against. I started to watch the video, but only lasted about twenty seconds. Even sicker then this video, if you read the comments on the page, some liberal nut cases blame Bush for this! How far can their disgusting hatred go? This is far beyond insane!
  • This link here will show you another fine example of our enemy’s culture.
  • This link here shows you their value on free self expression.

"By reprinting these cartoons we are heading toward a bigger conflict and that shows that both sides will be hostages of their radicals." Our radicals print cartoons. Theirs burn stuff and kill people. And watch it, now: if our radicals keep printing those cartoons, their radicals will be at it again soon.

I’m sure that Bush will be blamed for this somewhere as well.

  • Do you remember the recent suicide bombings by mentally ill woman that blew up animal markets killing about one hundred people? Do you recall how they had their explosives detonated remotely? Read here for further details!

I can literally continue writing about this for many pages. But if you didn’t get the “point” from the above links, then nothing that I say will get it across to you.

Feb 15, 2008

The Right to Bear Arms

With all the tragedy that has occurred recently, some people are cracking down on gun ownership, and strongly believe that our cherished rights to keep and bear arms should no longer be a “right”, “but instead a privilege”. While I do respect and understand why they feel so, I must strongly disagree. My reasoning is listed below.

First, anyone who is willing to storm a public place, or even a private home with the intent to commit murder, and are so committed to these actions, that they plan, and often do, take their own lives afterwards, will the removal of gun rights prevent them from acquiring such weapons (or any other weapon for that matter) to commit these crimes? Ask those who are active in law enforcement. It is not rare for them to come across criminals who own unregistered guns, and in fact a majority of those guns are stolen. Placing a ban on gun ownership, placing stricter regulations, or changing our “rights” to a “privilege” will not hinder these criminals. Instead, these will hinder the honest, law abiding citizen who should have access to them to protect their families and loved ones.

Second, guns do not kill. People kill. If every gun was somehow miraculously whisked out of existence, criminals intent on bodily harm would find other weapons to use. Knives and swords are still deadly. Blunt weapons are still deadly. Explosives are still deadly. Airliners are still deadly. (Please recall that on 9/11, the hijackers stormed the airliners not with guns, but with chemical irritants and box cutters to subdue those around them. They used the jets themselves as the end weapon)

Third, people claim that though guns may have been necessary in the past, they are no longer. How is this possible? In the scant 100+ years, has mankind changed so drastically? The answer is a resounding “no.” Mankind is still full of selfish desires as well as hatred, anger, and emotional instability. Nothing has changed. Well perhaps something has changed: People no longer believe that they are special, that they were created and have a purpose for life on this earth. Instead, children are immersed at an early age in the religions of Humanism and Evolution. They are told that they evolved from inanimate matter into single cell organisms, from there into the eventual “ape” and then into what we now are. Evolution and Humanism destroy all intents of self worth, and for all intents and purposes, cannot provide any form of morality or ethics. Indeed, the phrase, “Do what seems right to you” permeates their ideology. Is there any wonder that people do not value life today as it once was valued barely one hundred years ago?

In the “Old West”, the towns were rough. Criminals knew that if they abused women, stole, murdered, etc that they would be facing an angry gun toting mob. The citizens used guns to protect themselves, and the crime rates then, compared proportionally to what we have now, were miniscule. Though it may be possible, I cannot recollect any career criminal who escaped justice back then… either from the law or from the angry citizen.

Fourth, please take an honest look at the communities that have either banned or severely restricted gun ownership. The crime rates in such areas are tremendous. Washington DC, the capitol of this country, has a gun ban in place. Yet this area is infested with violent crimes! Take a look a other countries who have similar bans, and see how their crime rates fare. The criminals still have access to guns, yet it is the law abiding citizen who is suffering. It emboldens criminals to commit such crimes, as they know that the average “victim” will be unarmed!

Now please take a look at the communities where gun ownership is encouraged, and view their crime rates! Though violent crime still exists, the frequencies and severity of those crimes are immensely reduced! These are facts, folk. Not something that I just pulled out of the air. Any honest search will turn up the same results.

Fifth, the right to own and bear arms was also included so as to prevent oppressive governments on the civilization of such nation. This was often made reference to and upheld. I am not advocating any sort of action against our government, but the United States of America was founded on the principles of personal liberties, and an armed populous helps lawmakers think twice when they decide to limit personal liberties.

Sixth, what has happened to society where people will run and cower when a gunman or criminal attacks? There are numerous stories of thugs attacking the elderly and others, and the citizens around will simply watch, instead of risking their lives for another. If a gunman attacks, instead of fleeing, fight back! Do you not remember the courageous words during 9/11 of “Lets roll”? Yes, in the end those brave heroes perished, but they saved numerous lives. How many more lives would have been saved if the other passengers acted thusly? (Please note, I am not implying any criticism on any of the 9/11 victims. They all were brave and honorable, and perish in dreadful deaths) .

However today, we see people who are more concerned with their own well being instead of being concerned also with the well being of others. I feel that this is a direct result from the before mentioned religions of Humanism and Evolution. If more people fought back, instead of living as “lambs to the slaughter”, I firmly believe that such crimes would be greatly reduced!

I would not hesitate for a second to protect myself and my loved one, as well as the innocents around me. May I die in such an action? That is quite possible, but I would not be able to live with myself if I had tried nothing.

Imagine a shooter stalks the halls of our campuses. He attacks a classroom. Now imagine that the people in there, instead of becoming cowards, act in bravery and rush him? I will guarantee you that the amount of the “dead” would not be as high, and there is a very good chance that the said gunman would be subdued to face a jury of his peers for his actions! What is bravery? Bravery is that even while frightened, you still advance. Everyone has fears, but few these days have the courage to overcome them.

In closing, I would state that instead of restricting guns or outright banning them, we should encourage citizens to actively own them! No average criminal will attempt the majority of crimes that are done daily if s/he knows that their possible victim could very well be armed! In addition, men, where is your courage? Where is your self resolve? Men are the protectors and defenders of our communities. When will you finally stop being “boys” and cowards, and take hold of your pride and masculinity? Until the men of this country loose their “femininity”, our nation will continue to suffer!