Aug 28, 2009

Unfortunate Predictions are Becoming Reality - Part 4

Author’s note:

Dear reader, this has been one of the most unpleasant tasks I have ever performed. For well over a week I researched this topic. I willingly immersed myself in the hate speech from the left and their progressive cronies. Many were the times where I vocalized my disgust, and indeed, anger. I fought the temptation to respond in like fashion. I dreamt dreams of hatred from these thugs. This has been extremely trying for a Patriot who loves his country more then life. I only love God and my children more.

In writing this article, I was ready to post an immense amount of links pointing to socialists who have spewed forth this filth. Yet I soon came to realize that the media is saturated with it. There is not one person who is unaware of the hatred that pours forth from their mouths. Below will be a summary of my findings. I have posted only two links to further support my case. No more are needed.

I love my country, and like millions of others, I am fighting for its very survival! It is this very attack on free speech, this attack on those who voice their concerns loud that has troubled me most. For with free speech goes freedom.

Follow along with me now as I shine the light upon those whom would see you as their slaves.

Philip Damon

Friday, August 28, 2009

This is part 4 of a series dedicated to revealing the policies of the Obama Administration.

Previously I discussed the push for centralized health care and how this administration is playing patty fingers with the criminals of the world while leaving our allies out to dry. I also discussed this administration’s attempt to redistribute wealth.

Prediction #4

4. - Good bye Free Speech: Well, unless your NOT a Conservative or Christian.

In their desperate grab for supreme power, the socialists, the elites as well as the lap dog media have done everything in their power in smear the American Patriots. One of the leaders of this revolting disgrace is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

It has been reported by Politico that Pelosi has sent out a letter to her Democrat followers. It states:

Republican opponents of reform are coming out with one outrageous smear after the next, all aimed at derailing our progress. We must be able to counter their special interest-funded attacks and set the record straight.

In her attempt to divide the nation further, she seeks to polarize opposition. She claims that the Republican Party is behind the opposition to Obamacare. She states that Republican funded special interest groups are behind the uprisings throughout the Nation.

There is no special interest funding the outrage that the millions of Patriots are experiencing. They are not backed by the Republican Party. Indeed, many of them, myself included, rail against that party for their betrayal. The Republicans as of today are as much a proponent of Big Government as the Democrats. The Republican leadership has failed to listen to its constituents and with arrogance, turned their backs to them.

I am an outraged American. Where is my special funding? I do not see a dime. Instead, what I do see are taxes increasingly rising, the economy steadily failing, wasteful spending and Obama appointing un-elected, unaccountable leaders to positions of extreme power. They are dubbed, “Czars.”

Yet this is not the latest attack that Pelosi has perpetrated. She has called Patriots “un-American,” “terrorists,” and “rabble.” She has shown this not only through her words, but through her actions as well.

She is not alone. Listen to the elite paste the label of “racist” on Patriots. They claim that we oppose Obama because of his skin color. The Department of Homeland Security has gone so far as to call us, “Terrorists!”

In their efforts to smear those who seek documented proof of Obama’s eligibility, the term “Birthers” has become a horrible label, used to portray Patriots as unlearned bigots and racists.

Christians are being harassed and arrested for simply standing on the sidewalks and proclaiming their faith.

What has Obama’s reaction been to all of this? Well publicly, he has stated that American’s have the right to voice their opinions. Yet he has not once condemned the hate speech of his own party. Why? He supports them. He encourages them.

Town Halls throughout the country are erupting in anger. Politicians, those who show up, belittle and demean their constituents. The President has actually told them that when they get hit, to hit back twice as hard!

The White House set up an email account and encouraged Americans to rat each other out. It was only taken down after outrage spread through the nation as wildfire.

Email addresses were gathered, Patriots who voiced their anger found themselves part of a list that they did not want to be on. Others who had not even contacted the White House during Obama’s administration found themselves on this list. They had contacted former President Bush instead.

September 12th will be an important day, one we hope this nation will never forget. On this day, a huge rally will be held in Washington D.C. In addition to this, other rallies will be held throughout America. Now is the time, citizen, to become involved.

Do you love your country? Prove it. Stand silent no longer. We are at war with those in power whom seek to squash all liberty. They have shown that they will stoop to any level to achieve this goal. Be silent no longer!

Stay tuned for part five of my series, “Unfortunate Predictions are Becoming Reality” as I discuss how the Obama administration is working hard to discard your right to bear arms.

Exciting Times Indeed!

Today was quite exciting for me. I woke up early this morning and managed to hear a local conservative talk show. I was able to call in and express my opinion. While doing so, I learned of a Tea Party rally here in my home town of Pocatello, Idaho. I asked for more information, and was given the email address of the lead organizer.

It just so happened (by luck? naw.. I don't believe in luck) that today the organizers were having another meeting, and I was invited to attend. It was a relatively small group, perhaps no more then ten people. The diversity of the group was amazing. There were two girls there attending ISU, a few people in the "retirement" generation, and everything else in between. Everyone came from different employment backgrounds as well as religious backgrounds, yet we united as one. For me, this is an experience that I will not soon forget. I'm very happy that I found about it today as this was the second to last meeting, and my only regret is that I did not hear of it sooner.

When they brought up needs to be filled, I gladly volunteered my time. So, I am very happy to say that I am an active participant of a large Tea Party in my area. (We are expecting at least 1,000 people to show up, and for this area, that is huge!)

What really hit home though was despite the difference between us all (age, religion and and employment background), we banded together as one, for a common purpose. Everyone is using their special abilities to promote a common cause.

In the strongest way I can possibly imagine, I implore each and every one of you to become involved in your local Conservative chapter. Grass root movements are what founded this country. Grass root movements are what will save it!

Aug 26, 2009

The Most Dangerous Time of My Life

Here is a YouTube video, taken today, of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh discussing what is happening in BHO's administration, and their power grabs. This is a must watch for any concerned patriot - Conservative, middle of the road, or Liberal.

The True Ramifications Concerning the Death of Sen. Kennedy

From the moment I decided to write this, I knew that I would be inviting criticism. I know that there will be those out there who will vehemently disagree with me, either for political or “religious” reasons. I know I will receive comments along the lines of, “Judge not, lest you be judged.” I know there will be those of you who are pleased that he has passed away. Yet I do not write this in the hopes of seeking your approval. I write this because it needs to be written.

This message is not for those who do not know Christ. This message is for you, oh child, the called of God.

Tonight Ted Kennedy has found himself in the pit of Hades, awaiting judgment before the throne of God. How do I know this? Simple.

Matthew 7:20-21

…wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

Sen. Kennedy was a well known supporter of abortion and homosexual “rights.” His stance on the bible in public institutions is known as well. He has followed the liberal lie of “freedom from religion.”

We who know Christ understand that it would be impossible for us to accept the murder of unborn children. We know that homosexuality is an abomination unto God. We know that our nation will only prevail with the providential hand of God, not separate from Him. It is impossible for Christ to dwell within you and for you to disagree with the above statement.

We, as Christians, have failed. Somewhere during history’s path, someone had the chance to witness to him. Somewhere, someone had the opportunity to show the love of Christ, and His Truth unto Mr. Kennedy. Yet we failed.

Tonight I am not celebrating. Tonight, I am in mourning. I mourn for a soul that has been eternally lost. I mourn for the lukewarm Church who has failed to follow the calling of the Lord, not only towards Mr. Kennedy, but towards others as well.

Perhaps it is our desire to be accepted by the world. Perhaps it is our willingness to compromise on the Truth, to the point where it becomes bland and tasteless. We are willing to discard critical doctrine in the hopes that Christianity will become more palatable.

Dear Christian, do you not know that Christ Himself said that He is the way, the truth and the light? Do you not know that no one comes to the Father but by Him? Christ is not a way. He is the way. He is the only way.

What is it within us, during this age, which causes us to bend the truth? Why do we desire to be acceptable to the world when God Himself is opposed to the way of the world?

Revelation 3:14-17

And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God; I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.

So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:

I confess with open shame, that I am as guilty as the next Christian. I am not standing here pointing a finger and saying, “Be like me!” We all have failed, we all have chosen the way of the World over God.

Today when you go about your business and view someone lost, consider yourself, and your reaction. Do you lovingly approach the stranger (or loved one)? Or do you, out of the desire to be accepted, turn your heart from what is right, and ignore their condition? Today that person may die, and perhaps you were their hope, their only chance, to hear the gospel.

When you pray, do you pray for yourself, your brothers and sisters in Christ, while ignoring your neighbor whom is on the path that leads to destruction? Or do you truly pour your heart out, with tears streaming down your face, for those who are living without hope? No, not the hope that Obama “gives,” but true hope, that kind that only Christ can give.

Tonight with the death of Mr. Kennedy, I am reminded of my personal failure. I am made aware of how lukewarm my heart truly is. What is the condition of your heart?

I pray, Lord God, that you would spark a fire within my soul. I ask in humbleness, not because I deserve it, but because you desire it. Lord, may you give me a fire, a desire for your Word, for the Truth. May that spark also ignite flames in every one of your children’s heart. May we boldly step forward in love. May you pour your Spirit once more unto this planet, our temporary habitation, so that many will be called unto You and eternal life.

Aug 24, 2009

Freedom's Call

These are the times that try men’s souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it Now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph.

Thomas Paine, The Crisis, December 1776

An echo from two-hundred thirty-three years in the past resonates today in the hearts of men and women, patriots, soldiers, warriors - defenders of freedom. Thus is our call to battle. Like patriots of old, we are called upon this day to face the forces of tyranny.

The enemy is vast and well entrenched. From youth, our children are raised in government institutions, taught government policy, shown government lies, and brainwashed to see Truth as evil.

From the vast halls of printing presses from New York through Los Angeles, the liberal ideologue of lies spews forth its venom, slaying citizens where they exist – their homes, places of worship or employment.

The bastions of higher education have transformed into breeding grounds of communistic ideologies. Within theses formerly sacred walls, the promoters become enforcers of demonic thought, praising the tyrants of freedom’s cry.

Deeply entrenched within the very wellspring of government policy, the enemies of freedom rule with a fist of iron. With a fanatic determination, they seek to remove every historical vestige of America’s founding principles. These include our nation’s reliance upon God and the Holy Scriptures as this nation’s primary influence, self reliance through hard work and individual achievement, as well as the strong, rugged character that has defined this country since before its inception.

This war will not be easily won, as it is indeed a war that we find ourselves in. The casualties of which have already been felt. The primal element of liberty, the ability to speak out against those who would destroy our very country, has been hampered.

In addition, the proponents of freedom have been marked as un-American terrorists, unworthy of respect. Time and time again, they are informed that they do not speak for the country as a whole, and are instead an “angry mob,” which should be dealt with accordingly. The suppressors of freedom have been advised that when they are hit, they should hit back twice as hard.

As this war progresses, more freedoms will be lost, while the persecution of patriots will increase. Indeed, this is not a conflict for the faint of heart!

Yet this is a war that can, and must be won! Our armory is vast, containing beyond two-hundred years of American history. We have our Constitution, the principles and actions of our Founding Fathers, and above all, our faith in the Divine Creator who formed this nation to be His mouthpiece to the world during the time of the Gentiles.

We must not let ourselves be intimidated by the enemies of freedom.

  • It is imperative that we instruct our children on the history of this great nation. We must instill within them the same principles our fore-fathers held. We must lead by example as we boldly step forward and refuse to be silenced.
  • When those in power hold their public meetings, we must continue to appear in force.
  • We must educate our family, friends and neighbors by engaging in open dialogue.
  • We must be diligent in our efforts to remove corruption from its seat of power, replacing evil with liberty.
  • We must be careful to wage this war with facts, not speculations based upon third -hand sources. Before any discussion is engaged, arm yourself with facts then present them in an unthreatening manner.
  • Unify the Conservative community. If there are dissenters, confront them. Now is not the time for infighting. There is no room in any army for those who would undermine or strive against it.

I will not lie to you. Some of us will end up paying a heavy price in this fight for freedom. You may very well end up being such a martyr. Yet consider how our actions will influence the history of this nation. Will we shirk the duty our fore-fathers placed upon us in the interest of self preservation? Or will we endure to the end, that the descendents of our children may enjoy the freedom which we are so quick to profess a love for?

This war is unlike any other. It is not fought with instruments of death, but with ideas. The blood spilled is our freedom; the cries of agony are the cries of those who love that which this country has always represented. Will you stand idly by, watching others fight the battle for you, or will you consider the importance of our cause and join us?

The Revolution was effected before the war commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people….This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people was the real American Revolution.

John Adams – 1818

Viva La Liberte!

Aug 23, 2009


True Love
Copyright © 2007 by Philip Damon

This struggle I face makes me want give up and weep,
My lover is gone, my friend lost to the blue deep.

My heart once so light now burns for the past,
Wondering how I will go on, how long will I last?

In my deepest despair, my soul cries out aloud,
“Who will hear me? Who will hold me and call me their child?”

As my voice breaks with emptiness, nothing more to be said,
My head yearns for the soft touch of my cold, now empty bed.

Suddenly I feel a presence, a love gentle and true;
It touches my soul, a comfort bold yet not new.

I’ve felt you long past, where have you been gone?
And a voice so gentle, majestic, and in love deeply responds:

“My child I’m here. I have loved you all along.”
“I know the pain, I know the suffering, I’ve known all along!”

“I created you, loved you, and with joy mine heart oft leapt!”
“I’ve watched you, guided you, and your tears I have wept.”

“Your sins I have born, to the deep pits of Hell,”
“When my Father’s back was turned, I knew loneliness well!”

“But I have come back, victorious, embolden and strong!”
“Now no one can take you, my child, from these scarred hands and scourged arms!”

“Death has no mastery, no power, no chill!”
“It was defeated at the cross by My love and My will!”

“This world is not all, no; it is not near the end,”
“This is where life, love and laughter, so virgin, begins!”

“Now here I stand, arms empty and wide,”
“Please come to me and view this gash in my side.”

“I was tormented, vexed, my flesh pierced and sore torn”,
“But this I did for you, that you may be reborn.”

“In me life is everlasting, a peace to be worn!”
“Trust in me child, may your heart now be forever warmed!”

“I’ll never leave you nor forsake you; I have been here all along.”
And with those gentle words, he raised that scourged arm,

That flesh that was bruised, whipped and did freely bleed;
Had the gentlest hand that was pierced deeply for me.

He reached to mine eyes, and the tears he did wipe,
And I fell in to His arms, and knew I’d be alright.

For Christ’s love is deep and so very true,
I’ll never again have to be torn, but now made anew!

Crying Out
Copyright © 2008 by Philip Damon

My God, my God, I just don’t understand,
How life and death is decided by your hand.

How do you choose those who live, and those who will die?
I lift my head, and with tears that fall,
I bleed with my heart, arms upraised to the sky.

There is so much suffering, there is so much pain.
Where is your hand? These hearts that are slain!

My self, my friends, pure strangers, and all,
Creation, mountains, rivers, fall.

At the commands that come forth from your glorious power,
Rivers dry, mountains crumble,
Even the mighty whither as the flower.

I don’t see why this has to be,
I don’t understand, will you make me see?

Why are there those, with nothing to have?
Those who know the streets counting nothing as glad!

Those who are alone with no one to hold,
Would count a rare hug as more precious then gold!

We fight, we sorrow, striving for peace, so fleeting,
Yet peace and comfort never join, never meeting.

Yet through it all is your quiet, whispering love.
Your Spirit covers us, enfolds us in your encompassing glove.

This glove of your faithfulness, this glove of your peace,
You know of our burdens, and with us you weep.

You do not desire suffering, you do not desire pain.
This world is corrupt, everyone within has been slain.

By sin that engulfs us, and corrupts this wide world,
Those whom you love, would rather you would be cursed;
Those words to the skies they would be quick to hurl.

These tears I weep are not just for me,
But for the world, for my brother, for my sister, because they do not see.

That your love is eternal, all the sacrifices you have made.
What remains is to know you, that these hurts may thus fade.

I praise you and love you, and in glory you do reign!
For I know that you have a purpose, even for this sharp and ragged pain!

The Second American Revolution

I'm still working on part 4 of my series, "Unfortunate Predictions are Becoming Reality." In the mean time, I thought I'd post some videos to hold you over until then.

God bless America!

*Hat Tip to ValleyForge1777

Glen Beck: How Much Is Your Life Worth Living? Pt 1

Glen Beck: How Much Is Your Life Worth Living? Pt 2

America Is the World's Last Hope

The Liberals' True Purpose

Patton Speaks!

Time to end this on a lighter note....

Tribute to George Washington

Proud to be an American

Defending Our Flag

Discussing Democrats

Citizen Soldier by 3 Doors down

Our Marines

Stupid Jihadists - An American Carol

A Tribute to our Founding Fathers

I'm American - Stuck Mojo

Aug 21, 2009

Obama's End of Life program is very active!

This afternoon I was listening to the Rush Limbaugh show and he brought some information to light in regards to Obama's "End of Life" plan.

Obama says that there is no end of life stipulation, yet at the same time he revived a "Death Book For Americans." This was actually removed by the Bush administration last year, but Obama has shown that he really wants to find excuses to get rid of you!

On the back of the booklet is a questionnaire asking Americans what conditions they would consider "not worth living." There is even a blank spot for someone to fill in a "condition" not listed.

Here is the link to the actual pdf document entitled, “Your Life Your Choices.” Pass this information along!

Aug 18, 2009

Unfortunate Predictions are Becoming Reality – Part 3

This is part 3 of a series dedicated to revealing the policies of the Obama Administration. Previously I discussed the push for centralized health care and how this administration is playing patty fingers with the criminals of the world while leaving our allies out to dry.

In this article, I will discuss how the Obama Administration is pushing for the redistribution of wealth.

Prediction #3:

3. - Redistribute Wealth: Yup... remember "Joe the Plumber?"

What is the first thing Conservatives think of when it comes to the “redistribution of wealth?” For me, I remember the interview Joe had with then presidential candidate Barak Obama. Here, I think, is a more realistic view of what Obama and his supporters really feel.

What is this redistribution of wealth? It’s basically the “Robin Hood” scenario of taking from the rich to give to the poor. Now, we’ve all grown up hearing stories concerning Robin Hood. In fact, as a child, I often thought how “right” it was for him to steal from the murderous and tyrannical elite of his time. The elite were the ruling class. As an adult Conservative, I no longer agree that crime of any sort will accomplish an honorable goal, but the story itself shows how an oppressed public rose up against those who were keeping them “under foot.” Somewhat like the oppression that progressives in congress are committing today, correct?

As we can already see with his health care reform proposal (that he has yet to read), President Obama is following through with his promises to redistribute wealth. His plan is to tax those who make the most and give that money into government run social programs such as health care, welfare, and other forms of social spending.

Redistribution of wealth was first accomplished with the failed $2 trillion dollar bailout. A majority of that money went to institutions that via capitalism would have “gone under” faster. Yet, Obama rewarded the poor practices of such companies with tax payer money. In addition, a huge chunk of that “stimulus” was used to pay off his cronies in the unions as well as special interest organizations that helped him become elected. Closer examinations expose even more wasteful spending. What it has done is increased the debt each American “owes” to an astronomical amount.

Arriving on stage to the wailing sounds of this failed stimulus, there is the “Cash for Clunkers” program that encourages people to trade in their old “gas guzzling” vehicles for something that no one would purchase on their own. These are substandard economy vehicles that probably won’t last a decade. Yet our taxes are paying for this.

It is obvious that these programs are not helping with the economy what so ever. What is the President’s solution? Unbelievable as it seems, there has been talk of yet another bailout. In addition, the President’s staff hinted recently on the possibility of raising taxes on the middle class. However, almost immediately, his spokes person Gibbs stated that this was not going to happen. Who is correct here, his economic advisors or his brainless mouthpiece?

It seems quite obvious to me, and anyone who has an independent thought, that the Obama Administration and Progressive controlled congress simply cannot continue the wasteful spending they are accomplishing without an extra source of revenue from somewhere. The rich can’t foot the bill for everything, and if they could, why should they? Socialism is where everyone is on “equal” footing. It doesn’t take into account how one acquired that wealth, nor does it take into consideration those who find it acceptable to “leach” off the work of others. The Administration is even funding the Palestinians (and we know where that money is truly going).

Here’s a tip to Obama’s watch dogs and “economic advisors:” How about this? Instead of having all this wasteful spending, why not cut it instead? Then you can really lower taxes, which will have the side benefit of encouraging businesses to hire more people. Thus with more people being hired, there will be more money pouring into society’s and government coffers. With people being able to keep more of the money they earn, that will in turn encourage the economy to grow in leaps and bounds. I’m not an economist, but this seems pretty simple to understand. Well, simple unless you have been educated in Berkley or you received a law degree from Harvard.

Next in the series will be an in depth examination concerning the attacks on free speech we are currently experiencing.

Aug 12, 2009

The Government's Use of Anger

Folks, I'm as angry about what the Obama administration is doing as the next person. I'm currently working on a series this. However, we need to be extremely careful on how we express that anger. Yelling is fine, heated arguments are fine. They are to be expected. It is how our nation started, its how it has always been run.

However, some people have pushed beyond that line by brandishing firearms when showing their anger. Others have been pushing for an open revolt. Now, before any progressives read what I'm writing here as "proof" that the conservatives and "Angry Americans" are a true threat to National security, please be aware that there have been more violent attacks on Conservative protesters then attacks on Progressives. Indeed, I'm pressed to recall a single proven attack on a Progressive made by a Conservative. However, the media lap dogs ignore this and have instead focused on those extremely rare Conservatives who are unable to restrain their rage in an appropriate fashion.

We need to gain control folks. We need to be aware that just as others are held to a higher standard of conduct (Peace Officers for example), so are we in the eyes of the media and the government. Is it fair? Of course not! But if we are not careful, the socialists in power will use every possible example, no matter how exaggerated it is, to squash our freedom of speech, and perhaps even do more.

Why am I bringing this up? I do so because of an article posted by the AP today.

Below is the text. Before you read, I ask you to consider the implications of what certain government organizations are saying. Please do not misunderstand this posting. I am not calling for us to stop our protests. We need to continue with them. We need to make the rest of America understand what is happening. We must not stop! However, we do need to be aware of what the government is doing - collecting excuses to remove our freedoms.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Militia groups with gripes against the government are regrouping across the country and could grow rapidly, according to an organization that tracks such trends.

The stress of a poor economy and a liberal administration led by a black president are among the causes for the recent rise, the report from the Southern Poverty Law Center says. Conspiracy theories about a secret Mexican plan to reclaim the Southwest are also growing amid the public debate about illegal immigration.

Bart McEntire, a special agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, told SPLC researchers that this is the most growth he's seen in more than a decade.

"All it's lacking is a spark," McEntire said in the report.

It's reminiscent of what was seen in the 1990s—right-wing militias, people ideologically against paying taxes and so-called "sovereign citizens" are popping up in large numbers, according to the report to be released Wednesday. The SPLC is a nonprofit civil rights group that, among other activities, investigates hate groups.

Last October, someone from the Ohio Militia posted a recruiting video on YouTube, billed as a "wake-up call" for
America. It's been viewed more than 60,000 times.

"Things are bad, things are real bad, and it's going to be a lot worse," said the man on the video, who did not give his name. "Our country is in peril."

The man is holding an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle, and he encourages viewers to buy one.

While anti-government sentiment has been on the rise over the last two years, there aren't as many threats and violent acts at this point as there were in the 1990s, according to the report. That movement bore the likes of Timothy McVeigh, who in 1995 blew up a federal building in
Oklahoma City and killed 168 people.

But McEntire fears it's only a matter of time.
(emphasis mine)

These militias are concentrated in the
Midwest, Pacific Northwest and the Deep South, according to Mark Potok, an SPLC staff director who co-wrote the report. Recruiting videos and other outreach on the Internet are on the rise, he said, and researchers from his center found at least 50 new groups in the last few months.

The militia movement of the 1990s gained traction with growing concerns about gun control, environmental laws and anything perceived as liberal government meddling.

The spark for that movement came in 1992 with an FBI standoff with white separatist Randall Weaver at
Ruby Ridge, Idaho. Weaver's wife and son were killed by an FBI sniper. And in 1993, a 52-day standoff between federal agents and the Branch Davidian cult in Waco, Texas, resulted in nearly 80 deaths. These events rallied more people who became convinced that the government would murder its own citizens to promote its liberal agenda.

Now officials are seeing a new generation of activists, according to the report. The law center spotlights Edward Koernke, a
Michigan man who hosts an Internet radio show about militias. His father, Mark, was a major figure in the 1990s militia movement and served six years in prison for charges including assaulting police.

Last year, officials warned about an increase in activity from militias in a five-year threat projection by the Homeland Security Department.

"White supremacists and militias are more violent and thus more likely to conduct mass-casualty attacks on the scale of the 1995
Oklahoma City bombing," the threat projection said.

A series of domestic terrorism incidents over the past year have not been directly tied to organized militias, but the rhetoric behind some of the crimes are similar with that of the militia movement. For instance, the man charged with the April killings of three
Pittsburgh police officers posted some of his views online. Richard Andrew Poplawski wrote that U.S. troops could be used against American citizens, and he thinks a gun ban could be coming.

The FBI's assistant director for counterterrorism, Michael Heimbach, said that law enforcement officials need to identify people who go beyond hateful rhetoric and decide to commit violent acts and crimes. Heimbach said one of the bigger challenges is identifying the lone-wolf offenders.

One alleged example of a lone-wolf offender is the 88-year-old man charged in the June shooting death of a guard at the
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington. (emphasis mine)

Notice how the AP threw that last blurb on there? Remember how the media played him as a Conservative Christian? It turns out that the facts are quite different. He was not a Conservative, and most assuredly not a Christian. This has been pointed out by many Conservative bloggers and Conservative news agencies. They have backed this up with solid facts. However as we all know, the mainstream media either did not acknowledge the truth when it came out, or simply refused to report on it. Indeed, as we can see, they maintain that he is a "conservative terrorist."

We are treading on dangerous ground. We must go into this battle of philosophies with that knowledge firmly entrenched in our minds, and react accordingly.

Philip Damon
The Troubled Patriot

Aug 11, 2009

The Gipper Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine

A recording has found its way on to YouTube. This recording is a speech given by Ronald Reagan in 1961. It is as fitting for us today as it was then. Watch it!

57% oppose, 32% Support Single Payer Health Care

Do you remember, just a few years back, when President Clinton and other liberals would rush to the polls to determine their next policy move? They would base their decisions on a difference of just a few points. Well, things have now changed.

Rasmussen Reports released the results for their newest poll on ObamaCare yesterday. Rasmussen Reports is well known for their integrity and trusted by many on all sides of the political spectrum.

Thirty-two percent (32%) of voters nationwide favor a single-payer health care system where the federal government provides coverage for everyone. A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 57% are opposed to a single-payer plan.

There are obviously more than just a few points difference in what the American populace desires.

Fifty-two percent (52%) believe such a system would lead to a lower quality of care while 13% believe care would improve. Twenty-seven percent (27%) think that the quality of care would remain about the same.

A staggering 52% believe this would lead to worse medical care while only 13% feel that it would improve!

View the complete report here.

There is no doubt what so ever that the majority of Americans oppose this draconian measure. Yet the Obama Administration and his cronies in the Democrat party are still intent on ramming this “reform” bill down our throats. One must honestly inquire as to why?

Unfortunate Predictions are Becoming Reality – Part 2

This part 2 of a series dedicated to revealing the policies of the Obama Administration.

Previously, I discussed the push for centralized health care. In this article, I will discuss President Obama’s foreign relation policies.

Prediction #2:

2. - Patty Cake with the criminals of the world: Yup! Obama promised to have nice friendly talks with the psychos out there who have vowed to destroy us.

We are all aware of Obama’s promise to approach dictators and international thugs with the premise that dialog instead of sanctions or condemnations will improve relations between our respective nations.

With that in mind, let us take a look at a few examples that have taken place after his assent to the highest office in the United States.


In April of 2009, President Obama met with the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. During that well publicized meeting, Obama was presented with a gift.

In front of photographers, Chavez gave Obama a copy of "The Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent," a book by Eduardo Galeano, which chronicles U.S. and European economic and political interference in the region.

Here is an excellent source of information on the background of this particular author.

The meeting was well publicized, but what was not was that Obama actually had lengthy discussions with Chavez afterwards.

What has not been reported is that Obama, leaving his advisers behind, held lengthy private conversations with Chavez where only an interpreter was present.

It is not known what occurred in the secret talks. But sources in Caracas say that Chavez has become fascinated with Obama, seeking to understand the new US president and the forces around him, partly with advice from Brazil's president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

The White House attempted to down play the meeting by accusing President Chavez of being a media hog who will do everything possible to grab its attention.

And grab its attention he has indeed done, at least in his own country.

Some Venezuelan television channels began altering their programs Thursday, citing fears of penalties under a new law restricting violence and sexual content over the airwaves.

In addition,

The law, which includes 31 articles, requires at least 50 percent of a radio station's programming to be Venezuelan music and at least 85 percent of its commercials to be Venezuelan-made.

Yet President Huge Chavez has stated that,

… they (he and his supporters) are committed to freedom of expression. They say the changes will ensure more responsible programming and television that is suitable for children and adolescents.

On the surface, this seems reasonable. However, freedom of the press is one that citizens who adore liberty are staunch proponents of. If one were to take a closer examination of Venezuela and its turbulent politics, one would notice that this is in reality a way to prevent reports of political unrest within the city.

Thus, with claims of good intentions for his country’s youth, Chavez has removed media coverage of his opposition, effectively placing a strangle hold on what information can be released.

Yet, what has this to do with American policies? We can already see them in progress with the progressive alphabet media along with their cohorts at CNN and MSNBC. They have gone out of their way to portray patriotic Americans as violent, ignorant, racist and anti-free speech.

In addition, one of the strongest attacks made against her citizens, the media of the United States has provided itself as a free gift to the Obama administration which has used it to accuse his opponents everything from ignorant to un-American.

Noticing Obama’s policies, Hugo Chavez has

… called on President Barack Obama to continue what he is doing and head down the path of socialism.

Not content with one invitation, for the second time he

…has again urged President Barack Obama to adopt socialist principles to see the United States through the ongoing economic crisis.

It is interesting to note that there seems to have been a secret “alliance” formed between these two Presidents.

After the recent coup in Honduras where a corrupt leader was removed from power and exiled, President Obama has joined his voice with that of President Chavez in condemnation of this deed. He has gone on record stating that the United States (he and his cronies) will refuse to recognize the new government.

The Canada Free Press has an excellent article exposing this alliance which has caused outraged Honduran citizens to feel betrayed by the world’s one bastion of freedom.


In May of 2008, Obama stated that policies towards Cuba would be based on the liberty provided to its citizens.

"My policy toward Cuba will be guided by one word: 'libertad,' " he said, using the Spanish word for liberty at an event celebrating Cuban Independence Day in Miami, Florida.

"The road to freedom for all Cubans must begin with justice for Cuba's political prisoners, the right of free speech, a free press, freedom of assembly, and it must lead to elections that are free and fair," Obama said. "That is my commitment.

"I won't stand for this injustice; you will not stand for this injustice, and together we will stand up for freedom in Cuba. That will be my commitment as president of the United States of America," he said.

It has now been one year and three months since the above comments were made. I ask you, what freedoms have Cuban been given? Castro has been succeeded by his brother Raul Castro. There were no free elections.

On February 24, 2008, Cuba’s legislature selected Raúl as President of the 31-member Council of State, a position that officially made him Cuba’s head of government and state.

Yet in April of 2009, Obama eased travel restrictions to this Caribbean island nation.

Obama believes that the change in U.S. policy will ultimately help bring about a more tolerant, democratic Cuban government, noted White House Latin American policy adviser Dan Restrepo.

I am forced to inquire as to how this will change the political reality of Cuba? The lifted restrictions only apply to Americans of Cuban descent. In effect, the only Americans of Cuban descent in this country are those who fled the communist nation and their descendents. What is to prevent Raul or any member of the governing body from apprehending them? How does this increase freedom?

Ramon Raul Sanchez has also asked another pointed question.

Ramon Raúl Sánchez, the founder of the Democracy Movement, a Miami-based exile group, echoed that sentiment. “We question the Cuban claim of respect for sovereignty when it is willing to talk to the United States,” he said, “but it is not willing to talk to its own people, who have asked to talk about a variety of serious issues.”

Read the full article.

North Korea

The pariah on the Korean Peninsula has long been acknowledged as one of the most oppressive governments in the region, if not the world.

Led by their “Eternal President” Kim Il-sung, this nation has managed to starve its population while forcing them to exist in a perpetual state of terror.

It is well known that the demented leadership of this country relishes testing the resolve of America, especially when new leadership is elected.

Facing the first direct challenge to his administration by an emerging nuclear weapons state, President Obama declared Monday that the United States and its allies would “stand up” to North Korea, hours after that country defied international sanctions and conducted what appeared to be its second nuclear test.

Later when North Korea started shooting off its missiles and rockets as if they were fireworks, Obama once again denounced this rogue nation.

Yet denouncement seems to be the only thing that the Obama administration is good at (most of the time, see below on Iran). No new sanctions have been issued, and quite frankly, Kim has proven time and time again that they do not affect him in the least.

When the rogue government kidnapped two clueless reporters for the progressive cable news program, Current (which had Al Gore as one of its founders), what did Obama do? In reality, nothing.

However, former president Bill Clinton traveled to North Korea and effected their release. No details were given as to how this came about, but it does not take an incredible leap of imagination to realize that some concessions must have been made.

President Obama did his best to stay out of the limelight while this was going on, instead focusing his attention elsewhere. However, no reasonable person would be able to claim that this was done without his blessings.

North Korea has found that they can indeed influence policy decisions within the United States. They have discovered that, with impunity, they may fire their weapons anywhere and any time as well as abduct America’s citizens.


In March of 2009, President Obama reached across the oceans and offered Iran the “promise of a new beginning.”

President Barack Obama reached out to Iran on Friday -- the start of the Iranian New Year -- in a video message offering "the promise of a new beginning" that is "grounded in mutual respect."

… Obama said: "The United States wants the Islamic Republic of Iran to take its rightful place in the community of nations. You have that right, but it comes with real responsibilities. And that place cannot be reached through terror or arms, but rather through peaceful actions that demonstrate the true greatness of the Iranian people and civilization."

Perhaps there is greatness in the Iranian people, as this was witnessed during the recent mass protests. The protests were in response to the obviously corrupt “elections” where the mullahs decided to keep the sociopath and blood thirsty “President” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in power.

During this revolt, the government cracked down on the press of all nations, forbidding them to leave their dwellings within the country. It also attempted to halt the freedom of its citizens from posting articles and videos on the internet.

The count is still unconfirmed, but it has been estimated that hundreds of its civilians have been murdered by their own government during this period of unrest. Many more now stand trial.

The full impact of the Iranian events was brought to life when a graphic video was taken on a cell phone and then smuggled on to the internet.

Neda Agha Soltan was murdered in broad daylight during one of the protests. The video of the event can be found here. Warning, this is quite graphic.

This would have been the perfect opportunity for the United States to step in and assist these patriots. The results of which might of been long lasting, and perhaps could have even resulted in more peaceful region.

Iran is a well known trainer, supplier and supporter for terrorists organizations around the world such as the well known Hezbollah “movement.”

Yet what was Obama’s response? For the first few days, not even a condemnation was issued.

Several analysts said on Monday the White House was in a no-win situation but the best option was to stand back rather inject U.S. views into the Iranian political debate.

Political debate? There was no political debate. This was outright tyranny and oppression!

It wasn’t until outrage started growing within the United States that he first “condemned” the Iranian regime for their actions.

Obama's Iran policy (had) received intense scrutiny amid growing concerns over Tehran's violent crackdown on street protests. The Iranian demonstrators believe the country's June 12 presidential election was a sham.

Perhaps the reason he did not immediately respond was the result of the following:

Iran today hailed an unprecedented direct appeal by the US president, Barack Obama, for better relations between the two countries, but urged the US to "realize its previous mistakes" as well as end sanctions and drop its support for Israel.

Yet as a result of his “condemnation,”

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad vowed Saturday to make the U.S. regret its criticism of Iran's post-election crackdown and said the "mask has been removed" from the Obama administration's efforts to improve relations.

As it has been obvious to many outside of the Obama Administration, dialog with this nation’s despot rulers will not accomplish anything. Obama sacrificed the lives and freedom of the Iranian people in the “hope” of increased diplomatic relations with this rogue nation.

Other Arab Countries

When one considers President Obama’s attempt at diplomatic relations with the Arabic nations of the Middle-East, instantly one remembers a historical event.

For the first time in history, an American President bowed to a ruler of another nation. This was during a meeting with the King of Saudi Arabia.

Indeed, his first televised presidential speech was given on an Arabian network

Appeasement seems to be the rule of thumb as Obama attempts to “strengthen relationship” with the region’s Arab countries and the United States. He has gone so far as to state that the war on terror is over.

WASHINGTON (AFP) — President Barack Obama "declared an end" to his predecessor's "war on terror" and began to heal the US reputation abroad when he ordered the Guantanamo Bay prison to close, US editorialists wrote Friday.

Surprisingly, unlike other campaign promises, this is one that he has kept. On April 1, 2007,

In a strikingly bold speech about terrorism Wednesday, Democratic presidential candidate Illinois Sen. Barack Obama called not only for a withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, but a redeployment of troops into Afghanistan and even Pakistan — with or without the permission of Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf.

In addition, he is the first president since Jimmy Carter to openly oppose the nation of Israel. More on this below.

America’s Allies

Great Britain and Israel have been one of the staunchest allies of the United States.

Although our nation started out with war against Great Britain (as well as the war of 1812), over time the bonds between our two nations have strengthened to that of a close friendship. This was solidified during WWI and WWII.

As for Israel, it owes its existence to divine providence that propelled the Unites States to be the first country to recognize its existence. From that time on, Israel has been under the protecting hand of God almighty.

As well, Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle-East, and has been a close ally of ours since its inception.

How has President Obama handled the United State’s relations with these two nations?

Downing Street officials discovered last night that Prime Minister would not, as had been widely reported, hold a joint press conference with President Obama after their talks at the White House today.

… British officials, denying any deliberate snub, said that a slightly more formal event planned in the Rose Garden after the meeting had been cancelled because the grounds of the White House are blanketed in snow.

After a working lunch with Mr Brown, Mr Obama will then head off to make a speech at the Department of the Interior before meeting a delegation at the Boy Scouts of America, the White House said. If Mr Brown wanted to hold a press conference, he would have to do so across town at the British Embassy. (emphasis mine)

Upon meeting the Queen of England for the first time, Obama decided to save his bows for someone else. Instead, he gave her a gift.

The president, who was accompanied by the first lady, gave Her Majesty an iPod loaded with video and photographs of the queen's 2007 visit to Jamestown, Richmond and Williamsburg, Va.

He also gave her a songbook signed by composer Richard Rodgers.

Somehow unknown to him, the Queen already owned an iPod. Hopefully this was an upgrade and actually worked (unlike the DVD’s he gave to the Prime Minister).

As for Israel, Obama is following the advice of his new friends.

"Unless the new U.S. administration takes forceful steps to prevent any further suffering and slaughter of Palestinians, the peace process, the U.S.-Saudi relationship and the stability of the region are at risk," said Turki, a former Saudi intelligence chief and former ambassador to the United States and Britain.

Ahhh… appeasement in action!

Former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani knew of Obama’s stance. Unfortunately, this is another prediction that has come true.

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani ripped Sen. Barack Obama as "ambiguous" in his stand on support for Israel, miles from the convention hall where the Democrats are celebrating the near-nominee.

Daniel Pipes has done a wonderful job detailing the betrayal of Israel by the Obama administration. I recommend you read his article for complete disclosure.

However, former President Carter seems pleased.

Carter praised Obama's speech in which he called for a "new beginning" in ties between Washington and the Islamic world "as one that was committed to peace, harmony, cooperation."


Although never a true ally, after the cold war the relations between our two nations had warmed considerably, until now.

Seeing the direction that the United States has taken down the road to socialism, former president and now Prime Minister of Russia, Vladimir Putin warned the United States of the follies associated with pursuing this destructive path. As a former KJB agent, one would assume that he is knowledgeable on this subject.

Russian Prime Minister Vladamir Putin has said the US should take a lesson from the pages of Russian history and not exercise “excessive intervention in economic activity and blind faith in the state’s omnipotence”.

What was the administration’s response?

In the first official visit to Russia, Barack Obama (his name in Russia, interestingly means "barracks" барак) has continued the tradition of his cabinet in making unwitting stupidities and unrecognized insulting gestures.

From Hillery's misnamed button (what there are no native Russian speakers in the US?) to Obama ditching Prime Minister Putin for dinner to go hang out, with his family, at the exclusive club O2 in Moscow, where oligarchs bring their wenches, not their wives…

Recently, Joe Biden gave his opinion of this still strong nation.

In his interview to the Wall Street Journal (it is not clear whether it was made before or after lunch) references were made to Russia's banking system which he claimed would not last 15 years, complete with an intrusive reference to Chechen "separatists" and Russia's falling population. In short, according to the Vice President, Russia is in such a state that the USA does not need to do deals to reach compromises. (emphasis mine)

Dear friends, it is clear that the path President Obama has chosen for this nation is one of appeasement of her worst enemies while snubbing the noses of our allies.

True freedom for the citizens of rogue nations does not concern him, and his hubris is so bold that both he and the Vice President feel no need to have diplomatic relations with a nation that is still a sleeping bear, a bear that can arise from its hibernation at any time it chooses.

Stay tuned for part three of my series, “Unfortunate Predictions are Becoming Reality” as I discuss how the Obama administration is working hard to redistribute the wealth of America’s populace.