Oct 23, 2009

It is Good to be The King

The United States is bogged down in a war in Afghanistan where it’s military leaders are yelling for more troops. The Dollar has plunged in value due to the result of numerous failed “bailouts,” massive printing of new money, and the exodus of businesses nation wide. Citizens are up in arms over closed door meetings where socialists are trying to force government health care upon them. Cap and trade raises it’s ugly head. Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck as well as innumerable others are being outright attacked by the White House and it’s cronies. Indeed, America is struggling to hold on to its identity during one of the greatest attacks ever upon its very existence.

Yet the Obamas are enjoying the highlife.

From the AP:

As it happens, music of all sorts — rock, jazz, country, classical — has been busting out of the White House all year long.

Presidents have long used the White House as a platform to showcase the best of music and the arts: Chester Arthur staged the first formal East Room concert in the late 1800s.

But the Obamas are demonstrating a commitment to use the White House to promote the arts in a huge way. And they're not just tapping safe, living legends: Fresh faces like bachata band Aventura and Mexican pop sensation Thalia (who lured Obama on to the dance floor briefly) shared a stage with gray eminence Jose Feliciano at last week's Fiesta Latina.

The Obamas' musical push started on Day One, when the Wynton Marsalis Quintet played for a private inaugural celebration party of 100 at the White House.

A month later, the White House brought in Earth, Wind and Fire to entertain visiting governors. And days later, the Obamas hosted an East Room tribute to Stevie Wonder that featured Tony Bennett, Martina McBride and Wonder himself. The president called it "the most accomplished Stevie Wonder cover band in history."

Since then, the lineup has zigzagged all over the musical spectrum.

In addition, the Obama’s (joined by Oprah Winfrey) took separate jets to Copenhagen in a failed bid to bring the Olympics to Chicago.

Michelle Obama has taken numerous shopping trips from downtown D.C. for fresh produce, a spending spree in Paris as well as London, to efforts in redecorating the White House with purchases from the Pottery Barn (and others). All of this is hard work for the First Lady. Thankfully, she has a personal staff off 22 assistants. While in the throws of all of this spending, Mrs. B.O. laments the status of the poor. Indeed.

There are other nations whom come to mind when I ponder their rulers spending money like there is no tomorrow while their citizens suffer. Ghana, Nigeria, Mauritania, Gambia, Iraq under Saddam Hussein with his opulent palaces and other toys, as well as Somalia are just some of the nations.

An article written by M.A. Jama on Somalilandglobe.com describes how African dictators have risen to power. The following paragraph practically yelled at me for attention:

African Dictators, when they are hurting, believe they are healing, when they are destroying they believe they are building. The road to dictatorships starts with nationalistic slogans and the creation of common enemy to rally against, real or hoax. Rivals are branded as traitors and agents of the enemy of the state or the revolution. Opponents are constantly harassed and intimidated. Legislative and judiciary branches of the state, if they exist at all, are rendered powerless or rubber stamps. Elections are first postponed then either cancelled due to non-existent security reason or the opposition parties are declared illegal and banned. State of emergency and curfews are the norm. The enemy number one is the independent media, opposition parties’ leaders/individuals and those who tell the truth. They arrest them and prosecute them publicly. When they succeed in that first test, the next stage is banning political parties and independent social groups altogether, nationalize all private enterprises and rule by decree. Once fear and terror are subjected to the intelligentsia, the masses voluntarily surrender and start singing the praise of the dictator. Next is the establishment of a fast network of secret prison system where those who are lucky enough to not be send to the gallows are condemned for life. In the final stage of achieving absolute Dictatorship a new cadre of leaders are handpicked not because of their ability and skills but because of their loyalty to the dictator and they start showering the dictator with praise, and they order the masses to hang his pictures everywhere. New songs are composed in praise of the leader. Those who surround around him compete for his attention like children and they always tell him what they think he likes to hear but not the reality in the country. They start spying among each other to win the confidence of the leader. They hold trumped-up presidential election where the leader is elected for life. He is declared the all knowing, the wisest, and the father of the nation. Now he does not let others make any decisions because he feels he is the most qualified, experienced and the wisest. He does not recognize the knowledge of others and ignores their contribution. This is the last stage and the mental state of the dictator is not stable, he is lonely, he mistrusts those who surround him and paranoia and psychosis set in. – Emphasis Mine

I ask you, does any of this seem familiar to you? Does anyone come to mind in today’s America who seems to fit the bill? Is there someone that children sing songs about? Is there someone who has placed innumerable people in positions of power (unelected and unconfirmed) that support him whole-heartedly? Is there someone who tried to create a national slogan while harassing opponents? Is there a person here in America who is attacking independent media as well as talk show hosts and independent bloggers? Has someone in the United States asked citizens to spy upon one another? Does this same person have any connections to Africa?

There was a comedy made years ago by a famous comedian and director. One of the scenes in it depicts a French King living an opulent life style, chasing after women, and indulging in other decadent activities. While this was happening, the citizens of France were suffering from starvation and injustice. The comedian/director is Mel Brooks. The movie is “History of the World: Part 1.” The quote to remember is – “It’s good to be the king!” Indeed.


Anonymous said...

U.S. Constitution Article III section 3 the evidence is plain, why are we not pursuing this avenue. A turn of the tables in 2010 is our last hope. This is not a drill!!!

lonegranger said...

Since the year 0 BO, I've become more interested in and dedicated to Human Bio-Diversity (HBD). There seems to be many behavioral differences amongst the "Races" that would appear to be based on internal human chemistry rather than external environment.

Can BO tap dance?

Anthony Rose said...

2010 - last chance to save the USA from a dictatorship - check out www.blowoutcongress.com

TroubledPatriot said...

I agree with you that 2010 really is the last chance for Americans to save their country. The question is, will enough of us be motivated to do so? Or instead (as in the past), will the majority of Patriots stay home - being under the assumption that there will be "enough" already going to the polls to vote? If so, we had better start learning how to goose step and memorize the USSR national anthem.