May 2, 2010

The Troubled Patriot - Update

Greeting readers (If I still have any)!  As you may or may not have noticed, I virtually published nothing during the month of April. The reasons for this are many, most of them having to do with complete a disgust concerning the direction this nation is going, as well as the fact that the resistance to the corruption in Washington is becoming quite fractured.  Also, I've become fed-up with the Tea Party movement as Tea Party Express has endorsed a Democrat in my home state of Idaho.  I've basically thrown my hands up in the air in what seems to be an utterly futile effort to fight for freedom. Yet being as opinionated as I am, those who know me best understand that I can't keep quiet for long.  Therefore, in that spirit I will continue forward.

As some of you know, I have been attending one of this nations centers for "higher learning," otherwise known as a "university."  Of course, what is taught is reminiscent of what was preached in Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany.

The following is an actual discussion topic from a philosophy of ethics class which I have been enrolled in. The topic of government regulation in American lives was brought up.  The two or three conservatives in the class had to debate with the remaining liberals (and their beloved professor) as to why this is not a good thing.  I brought up New York's regulation of food ingredients, where restaurants are told what types of "fat" is allowed, and how much.

I, of course, argued from the standpoint that this is harmful to U.S. citizens as they are being prevented from freedom of choice. However, an outspoken progressive within class had this as a rebuttal: "The New York Times published the results of a 'scientific study' which shows that fat people cause their friends to eat unhealthy and become fat as well."  Yes, I'm serious.  This is an actual example of progressive thinking.

In reality, the true difference between the left and right is this folks: the right takes responsibility for their actions - good or bad, while the left tries to find anyone to blame for theirs.  You're unhealthy because you're friends with fat people who eat out a lot? How about taking some responsibility for what you shove in your mouth?  Did your fat friend hold a gun to your head, or perhaps strap you in your seat and force fed you large helpings of chocolate silk pie?  Oh, you poor innocent liberal!

The blame game continues with the current "ecological tragedy" in the Gulf. "It's Bush's Fault! It's BP's fault! It's the Republican's Fault!" The left is constantly seeking to find someone to blame for life's hard knocks.  They simply can't see past their own "awesomeness" (if that is a word).

Regardless, I've decided to embark into new territory - YouTube. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, I'll start posting my comments, as recorded, on to this "bastion of free speech" (sic.). Join this blog's Facebook page or subscribe to The Troubled Patriot to find out when new video is posted.

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