Nov 3, 2009

The Troubled Patriot Update for November

An exciting event happened last month for this blog. An article I had written concerning the past history of dictatorship with references to the Obama Administration was referenced from World Net Daily and posted on American Daily as well. I wish to thank the editors of both sites for finding that article worthy of posting.

Since then the subscriber base (although still small) has doubled. It is my desire to continue it’s increase. As such, some articles will be submitted to other news sites before being posted here. That may mean a delay of a few days until I am able to post them. As there is “competition” from other experienced writers, I estimate that perhaps only 5-10 percent of the articles I write will be accepted. I will still post the ones which have been refused for your benefit as well as for my peace of mind.

Also, article posting to The Troubled Patriot will probably slow down to perhaps only one or two entries a week. The reason for this being increased research on the subject matter, and a desire for high quality writing.

I am still seeking the following:

  • Other conservative (I care not for party affiliation) authors/bloggers to contribute to The Troubled Patriot
  • Someone who is graphically inclined and would be willing to help design a logo for this site
  • Help in spreading the word of this blog's existence
  • A conservative publisher who would be willing to work with me on a book

If you are considering an article for submission, please follow these guidelines:

  • When writing an article, please include links/references to material supporting your arguments
  • Please do not use wiki's (such as wikipedia)
  • Please submit material in Microsoft Word's file format. Barring this, plain text in the body of the email will be considered

I don’t mind if your material (if well written) has been posted at other locations. I’m more then happy to help good writers gain attention. I know from personal experience that writing is quite a demanding job. I also realize that it is quite difficult to gain recognition. All that I ask is that if it has been posted elsewhere, please include links along with your article for reference.

To those of you who have chosen to subscribe to The Troubled Patriot, you have my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your support. I ask that you continue to spread the word of it’s existence. I am in your debt!

If you would be willing to help or contribute towards the above mentioned goals, please contact me and let me know.

Philip Damon
November 3, 2009

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