Nov 5, 2008

Good bye USA, Hello SSA!

Yup.. Good bye USA, hello Socialist States of America!

I'd rant and rave about uneducated voters listening to the obviously bias news media, soccer moms who don't have a single brain cell, and liberal professors (99.9% of the university population) who brainwashed young minds, but... why beat a dead horse? Instead, I'll point out what we have to look forward to now that we have the most social and liberal president EVER in office, and with a VP who is extremely evil... oh yeah, not to mention Democratic control of both the House and the Senate...

1. - Socialised Medicine: Yup! Everyone who can't afford insurance will now get it thanks to "Big Daddy." Hmm, sounds good on the surface, but hows the government going to do this? Lay down extra taxes (Obama Momma already said he's going to raise taxes) or force insurance companies to take care of us? Either way, prices on medical related stuff is going to INCREASE, and you thought the wait time now to get an appointment was long? Guess what? You going to miss the good old days when it took only a week or two to see your doc. Oh yeah, lets see... our medical knowledge... hmmm.. why have people from Canada, Great Britian, Europe in general and South America (probably every other country as well) been comming to the (former) USA for medical treatment? Because with their socialised medical programs, the treatments are not NEARLY effective, not to mention the time to wait. There are TONS of horror stories about people DIEING because they had to wait 8-10 months just to see their doctor. Oh well, but you voted for it America.

2. - Patty Cake with the criminals of the world: Yup! Obama promised to have nice friendly talks with the psychos out there who have vowed to destroy us. Yeah, the nutt Iran, Hugo Chavez in S. America, and the list will go on and on. Look forward too having talks with Hamas and all the other child killing murderer organizations out there. Also, look for us to completely remove support from Israel.. leaving them to the dogs out there. Yeah, talking to someone who wants to kill you .. that's going to help. Oh, but they just hated Bush and our support for Israel and our "war for oil?" Well, soon you'll wake up to the truth when there will be another attack on our soil and we loose all support for our military.

3. - Redistribute Wealth: Yup.. remember "Joe the Plumber?" Probably not, or you probably don't care. Either you're flat broke and you CAN'T WAIT you get some money you DIDN'T earn, or you're so full of guilt about being sucessful and "rich" that you just CAN'T WAIT to give your money away! Oh yeah, watch for the SSA to start giving money and "spread the wealth" to all the 3rd world countries out there. Good bye prosperity for America!

4. - Good bye Free Speech: Well, unless your NOT a conservative or Christian. Yup. Like Canada, we'll no longer be able to say that Homosexuality is wrong, that it's wrong for people of the same sex to raise children in that unhealthy environment, that Christ is NOT the way and anyone who expresses a belief in absolute truth will be "shut up". Also, we'll now have the insane program back where when any media presents one view on an issue, they'll HAVE to give FREE equal time to the opposing view. Yup, FREE time folks, unpaid for air-time for some nuttball to ramble on and on about why s/he disagrees. That means that advertisers either will pull back or most media will fallunder. This is an OBVIOUS attack on conservative media, as it's a proven fact that liberal media (other then the useless alphabet tv networks) cannot succeed. But either way, our freedom of speech is going to go the way of the do-do.

5. - Good bye Right To Bear Arms: Yup... soon if you own a firearm, you'll be branded a criminal (well you already are, so this isn't much of a change). We'll go the way ot GB and only be allowed to have CERTAIN types of firearms. Criminals of the world, REJOICE!!!!!

6. - Energy: Yup, the deomcrats are going to do their best to "wein" us off of oil. Instead they're going to push other resources such as ethenol (remember the food scare when prices started going up??). Yup, so food will cost more because instead of feeding our country, we'll be turning it into gas. Oh yeat, watch for the HUGE push for "alternate energy".. meaning uneconomical "sources" will be forced down our throats. Also, I remember a while back in CA where the government ther came VERY CLOSE to telling a person WHEN and for HOW LONG they could have their AC on. Watch for the government to start rationing our energy and telling us when we can use it.

7. - Good bye effective military: Yup, the liberals are clear about how much they hate our military. Watch for immediate downsizing. With the military goes our first line of defence - deterence. Watch us NOT research new technologies and train sufficient numbers of troops to defend us. YAY! Rogue Nations of the world rejoice!

8. - Illegial Immigration: Illegial immigrants, REJOICE! Your votes were heard! Now you can continue to completely violate the SSA's national integrity, bring over crime and diseases, and send all of that money back to your worthless third world countries! Yay for all terrorists groups around the world! Now you'll have an even EASIER time getting into the country!!!!!!!

I could go on and on and on.. but you get the picture. If you don't, you're already too dense and anything I say won't make a difference anyway.

I'd say I'm heading to Canada, but that country is as socialist as this one, the SSA is going to be.