Feb 1, 2010

The Troubled Patriot Update - February 2010

As predicted, my postings have slowed down a bit due to my college schedule. However, it has provided me some new topics on which write about.

In the near future, I will be discussing how America's universities are actively brainwashing your children. I'll discuss why those who graduate from college despise those who: are conservatives, oppose feminism, oppose the environmental movement, are right of center in political views, have a confused understanding of Republic vs. Democracy, oppose Christianity, support Islam, abhor Israel, believe in evolution and global warming, and ultimately vote people like Obama into office. I kid you not, I am facing this indoctrination process on a daily basis.

My heartfelt thanks goes out to my parents. As a result of their personal conviction to raise their children to love God and love country, I have firm ground to stand upon. My parents never once backed away from tough issues, and they always stood resolute no matter what opposition came their way. Sadly, by observing the youth today, this is not the case with this current generation's parents. They have allowed government and socialist liberals to do the parenting for them. The result is what we have witnessed in recent years. I must be blunt and ask you - how are you raising your children?

Although my postings are not going to be as frequent as in the past, I strongly feel that the issues I'll be writing about will confront the core of corruption that has assaulted our country. As well, I will occasionally be posting links to articles I have come across that I believe need to be read. I'm doing this mainly because I don't have the time myself to dedicate to such issues.

Lastly, I have posted a link on my student profile to this blog. I honestly hope that my professors and fellow classmates read what I write. To those of you who do, please be aware that what you read here will be in direct opposition to most of the ideologies which are proclaimed on campus. You will be challenged in your beliefs, and some of you will be offended. However, I do ask that you keep your mind and heart open, and be willing to listen to the truth.

To those of you who have remained faithful readers and supporters, you have my thanks. Some have not appreciated my bluntness and have gone into the deserted wasteland of Political Correctness. Yet as I have stated time and time again, I will not compromise my principals - principals I believe with all my heart that our Founding Fathers held dear.

Philip Damon
February 1, 2010

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Mom and Dad said...

Your father and I read this article and are touched by the appreciation you wrote concerning your upbringing. Although you tell us constantly how much you love and appreciate us, it's still moving to see it in print. Thank you.

As for others reading and agreeing or disagreeing with you, we always believed in the saying "To thy own self be true." Which says to us, we can never compromise our values, nor our beliefs, in God, Family and Country just to appease others. You bring much joy into our lives, we love you.

Mom and Dad