Feb 26, 2010

Inner Turmoil

This entry will serve more as a personal reflection than any other article I commonly write. Normally I would keep this to myself, or pen articles dealing with certain issues. Yet when I find that I am kept awake at early hours in the morning due to such disturbing thoughts, I must find release. That release is what I shall write here.

I am facing a personal struggle as I attend college. The Political Science class I'm taking, Intro to American Government, is frustrating me to no end. What I am dealing with is brainwashing and indoctrination on an insidiously evil level.

It started out with the professor twisting around common definitions: Conservative & conservative, Liberal & liberal. Lower case conservative is what we as Americans consider in this country - limited government, freedom, all the rights and liberties that we are currently fighting for. Upper case Conservative is how the rest of the world views that ideology - large government, limited personal liberties, etc. The same is done with Liberal and liberal, where the definitions are completely twisted. The professor does not teach America's view of the two philosophies, but the world's view. As such, many students become confused, an issue that the professor has pointed out. Yet the results are the same: Conservativism is taught as something virtually opposed to freedom where as Liberalism embodies it.

Next is the definition of the term "Feminism," as taught by this professor. According to her, anyone who supports equality (be it based upon sex, religious persuasion, racial differences, etc) is a Feminist. It is no longer taught as an ideology of extremist women who loath men.

Then the term "Environmentalist" is defined as anyone who promotes stewardship of the world's natural resources - which is of course opposed to how people have always accepted the term of environmentalist - those who engage in movements such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), or the "global warming" scare mongers.

Finally, there is the definition concerning "Fascism" where we are taught that it is a "right-winged totalitarian government."

As a result, students are taught that if they come across anyone who defines themselves as a Conservative, who is right winged, and is also opposed to feminism and environmental movements, to view those people as the enemy.

When I asked the professor where these definitions originated, she became visibly flustered and said that she didn't know, but that they just "evolved over time."

Next comes the confusion of what a Democracy and a Republic is. I have her on record, via my digital recorder, as stating that a Republic and a Democracy are pretty much the same thing. In fact, according to her, those two terms are interchangeable. This is an outright lie, as a Republic like the United States is not a Democracy.

Then of course is the text book used for this class. I will not get into details here concerning it, as I have previously written an article on it dealing with just a single chapter of its contents. The book does not get any better.

The last straw happened this past Wednesday where she showed a video which proclaims to show how freedom of speech is being attacked in this country. Who are the villains? Bloggers such as myself, and reporters such as Bill O'Reilly and David Horowitz. As well, McCarthy was labeled a monster when he headed investigations into prominent Communists. It does not matter that after the fall of Communist Russia, those whom were put on trial were, according to Russia's own records, exactly what they were accused of.

Worst of all was the treatment given to Ward Churchill. He was portrayed as a persecuted saint, and while they were playing in the background an interview of him where he blamed America for 9-11, video was shown of victims jumping to their deaths from the Twin Towers. Those victims had only two options: either being slowly roasted alive, or having a quick death on the pavement below. After that segment was shown, I could stand no more. I walked out in the middle of class.

A liberal friend once asked me why I take this so personal. How could I formulate a response to her, one that she could understand? Would she understand that it is not for myself that I am so concerned and angry, but for those multitudes of minds who enter our universities and end up being brainwashed in to believing that evil is good? Would she understand if I tried to describe how a sea of American soldiers fought and died so that we could have liberty - only to have that liberty lost by bits and pieces at a time as each day arrives? Would she understand if I told her that I am extremely concerned for my two young daughters - daughters who are being raised in a country that welcomes Islamic Extremism with open arms while at the same time continuously launches attacks upon Christianity?

I knew that this was going on in our universities. I fact, I expected it. However, I was unprepared for the outright assault on the foundations of America. I attend one of the more "conservative" universities in the nation. I shudder to consider how such topics are taught in other settings of "higher education" where campus policy more openly leans towards the liberal leftist ideology.

Yes, I am struggling with an inner turmoil. I loath having to attend that class, knowing that any objections I raise will be scoffed at or thrown back into my face. I become sickened in my heart when I witness the transformation into progressive liberals already occurring within the souls of my classmates. Yet I remain. I remain because I want to be fully informed about what these socialist professors are teaching our children. For with that information, I will fight back with the pen and boldly confront the evil where it resides. I will not surrender, no matter the cost.

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