Feb 1, 2010

Of All The Moronic…

Of all the moronic, imbecilic, stupid, and insane things to do, the United States has warned Iran that they are deploying anti-missile weapon platforms to the Gulf. Why would you even consider a warning? It would have been better to say that the weapons have already arrived and are ready to respond to aggressor actions. Alas, no. They have informed the pariahs of the Middle East that they are currently deploying weapons systems. That gives the Mad Mullahs a window to strike before the weapon platforms are in place.

To make matters even worse, the weapon platforms themselves have been proven unreliable in a very recent test where

A U.S. attempt to shoot down a ballistic missile mimicking an attack from Iran failed after a malfunction in a radar built by Raytheon Co (RTN.N), the Defense Department said.

So let me see if I can understand this correctly: at the same time that the United States warns Iran that it is deploying a “missile shield,” The U.S. also informs them (and the rest of the world) that the technology is defective. Ahmadinejad must be quaking with fear in his camel-skin sandals right now!

As moronic as this is, I cannot lay the blame entirely at Obama’s feet. He’s simply following an insane policy used by both President Bushs and President Clinton. When Iraq was invaded, what did the United States do? They gave the camel jockeys in power a tremendous amount of warning - even a date! When the U.S., in effect, took over “peace keeping” missions during the Muslim slaughter of Christians in the Serbia/Croatian conflict, they pretty much warned them when the strikes were going to happen. In fact, that last conflict that the United States engaged in without giving a definite time frame for its entrance was the 1989 raid in Panama where Noriega was captured and brought to justice.

Am I the only one who sees how wrong and demented this is? Does anyone in the positions of power have even the smallest amount wisdom what so ever?

Israel should just ignore the United States and the rest of the world when it comes to their security. The world is sitting back on its heels and allowing hate-filled Muslims to run all over them. The world is allowing Iran to construct its nuclear beast with barely a whimper. A missile “shield” only sounds good until you realize that it has but to fail once for nuclear fallout to happen. Just once, folks.

Don’t think that the United States (the Great Satan) is immune from Iran’s sadomasochist schemes either.

Anyone who believes that it’s ok to slaughter their own citizens - nor anyone who believes that to bring in their “savior” they need to start a world conflict - will stop until the world is in a full fledge nuclear conflict.

Israel, please do the rest of the world a favor – bomb Iran back into the Stone Age (you know, how they were just a few decades ago?)!

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