Jan 7, 2016

Troubled Patriot Update - January 2016

I have taken these past few years off from political commentary. Truth be told, when Barak Obama was reelected President, I felt that all was lost. How could a nation that suffered tyranny for the past four years put the same man back into the highest office of the nation? I felt that no matter what I or anyone else said, the die was cast and writing about the injustices this nation is suffering would be like spitting into the wind. It would just be cast back into my face.

However, I've spent these past years seething inside with anger. I've watched as our rights were progressively trodden upon, and shook my head in amazement as evil was proclaimed to be “good,” and good was cast as “evil.” I said my peace on articles and comments, I've been banned by Facebook and other sites for speaking the truth, but that never stopped me. Yet now, I've come to determine that no matter what may happen, I simply cannot stand by idly as this nation is destroyed by the very ones who are supposed to protect her. I love America. I love her people. I love what America has always stood for, and I will not be quiet. So readers, I'm back, and here I'll remain until death claims me, or some Leftist jails me.


Philip L. Damon Jr.

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