Jan 20, 2016

The Republican Establishment Eviscerates its Own Base

Rick Wilson, a ranking member of the Republican establishment, has come out with guns drawn against Trump supporters. In addition to calling them “the screamers and crazy people” on the Right, he also said that there are lots who have

Hitler iconography in their Twitter icons, but the fact of the matter is most of them are childless single men who masturbate to anime. 

This is the short and sweet of how the GOP view their own members who support Trump. It isn't anything thing new. Yet Rick is correct in one part, they are most certainly “screamers,” Indeed, I'd say that most Conservatives, Republicans or not, are screamers. In fact, we are angry. We are seeing red.

Over and over again the Republican establishment has lied to its base. In 2014, they promised to fight Obama, repeal Obamacare, halt his outrageous spending, and bring the Republic back under control. The truth of the matter is that as soon as they were reelected, they went back to business as usual. As a result, a grass roots movement fueled by outrage rose up and Boehner was ousted from the House. What happened? Paul Ryan (R-WI) was elected to the now vacant position of Speaker of the House, promising everything Republicans promised before, only this time, he said he would only take the chair if he was not opposed. His first action was to pass a huge omnibus bill which continues to fund such things as Planned Parenthood, Obamacare, and the support of illegal immigrants. In fact, the bill was passed so fast that no one had time to read it in full before the scheduled vote. There are still things in that bill that we are discovering. In addition, Congress has allowed Obama to give billions to Iran instead of doing their duty by controlling the purse strings.

Ryan was a Tea Party favorite. In fact, he would not have been elected without their support. Yet once again, the GOP base has been shown that they were duped all along.

Yes, we Conservatives are mad. Raving mad.

So what does the GOP do? Attack its own base. Ever since I was able to vote, I voted Republican. I even went to the polls to vote for the RINO Romney. I held my nose as I did it, but I'd rather have him in office over another four years of Obama. Understandably though, many of the Republican base did not show up to vote, as they were sick and tired of the GOP placing skunks up for election. I don't blame them.

I stand with my fellow Conservatives by saying I've had enough. I'll never vote for an establishment politician again. In addition, I will no longer consider myself a Republican until some major house cleaning is done. For the truth of the matter is, there is no difference between Democrat and Republican “elites.”

As for the Hitler remark, I can only conclude that it is in reference to Trump and his supporters' opposition to Muslim and illegals immigrants. Apparently, the GOP needs to be educated.

Islam is not a race. It has never been a race. Islam has followers from all over the world. In fact, Arabs make up only a small portion of the so called “Religion of Peace.” Islam is a political ideology under the guise of a faith. Opposing Muslim immigration until Islamic terrorism is squashed is the wise thing to do. Anything else is simply inviting disaster into our country.

Illegal immigrants are simply that – illegal. Too many times have I heard politicians from both sides of the isle (well, there is only one side now) stating that those who follow the law should be allowed to remain. If they were following the law, they wouldn't be here in the first place! The illegals do not come to America to assimilate. How many times have you been to the grocery store and heard Spanish being spoken everywhere – especially on the first of every month? They do not want to assimilate their culture with America's. They are here simply for the money they have no hopes of getting in their home nation – where ever that may be. As well, since they are illegal, we have no way of knowing their intentions. There is no doubt in a rational person's mind that there are those among them who are here for the dastardly purposes of killing America's citizens and spreading terror. Since our borders are as porous as a sieve, it is impossible to know who is who, and what their intentions are. Securing our borders and deporting everyone who is in this country illegally is the correct thing to do. If they want to  become American citizens, there are ways to do it. Millions have done it before.

Yet it is greed, more than a lack of common sense, that fuels the 'elite's” attack on those of us who want our nation back. Illegal immigrants provide extremely cheap labor. Muslims represent the gulf states who provide most of the world's oil. America has large reserves of oil, and not only in shale. We should be processing our own instead of funding states that support terrorism. But no, our elites prefer to hob knob with the trash of the world.

Americans are angry. The Silent Majority is silent no more, and the so called “elite” don't know how to handle it other than to group us together as “crazies,” and “violent racists.” Little do they know what the future has in store for them, as the political revolution will not end with Trump. This is only the beginning.

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