Jan 26, 2016

Donald Trump Will Not Attend Thursday's Debate - Update

Yesterday, Presidential candidate Donald Trump posted a video where he asked his supporters if he should attend the next Republican debate on Thursday, which will be hosted by Fox News' Megyn Kelly.

Today his campaign informed the public that he will not be attending. Instead, he will be hosting a fund raiser for wounded warriors and other veteran groups. I applaud his decision. Fox has been particularly nasty with him, and the first debate moderated by Kelly was an all out attack on Trump. As he is leading in the polls and has a huge chunk of Republican supporters, there is no need for him to submit to yet another grossly held “debate.”

It was not just the fact that Megyn Kelly is the moderator that Trump has decided not to attend, but also because of a snide posting by the Fox network which stated:

We learned from a secret back channel that the Ayatollah and Putin both intend to treat Donald Trump unfairly when they meet with him if he becomes president. A nefarious source tells us that Trump has his own secret plan to replace the Cabinet with his Twitter followers to see if he should even go to those meetings.

Fox has officially linked it hands with the Republican establishment in not only attacking Trump, but his supporters as well. (Click here for previous post concerning Republican attacks on their base)

As well, he could be taking the time off to do further campaign stops. Instead, he is doing a fund raiser for our military veterans. While the Obama administration is ignoring our wounded warriors, Trump is already doing what he can to take care of them. With his popularity, the event should be quite a success. In addition, expect to see the ratings for Thursday's event to tank, thanks to the fact that the majority of his supporters will not be watching.

Donald Trump is not the ultimate Conservative candidate in the race, but he is one who states that he will hold to core Constitutional values. Like Reagan before him, Trump did support some liberal values, but has now switched his tone. He is fed up with corruption in Congress, and how the elites are stomping over regular Americans' rights. Having accepted no donations for his campaign, he is completely self funded. Thus, he owes allegiance only to the voters – not special interest groups or SuperPACs.

Therefore, I have decided to accord Donald Trump my full support. I firmly believe that he is the one person that can bring America back on to her steady course. Under his leadership, America will be made great once again.

Today Michael Savage interviewed Donald Trump.

This just in from Trump's campaign:

(New York, NY) January 26th, 2016 - As someone who wrote one of the best-selling business books of all time, The Art of the Deal, who has built an incredible company, including some of the most valuable and iconic assets in the world, and as someone who has a personal net worth of many billions of dollars, Mr. Trump knows a bad deal when he sees one. FOX News is making tens of millions of dollars on debates, and setting ratings records (the highest in history), where as in previous years they were low-rated afterthoughts.

Unlike the very stupid, highly incompetent people running our country into the ground, Mr. Trump knows when to walk away. Roger Ailes and FOX News think they can toy with him, but Mr. Trump doesn’t play games. There have already been six debates, and according to all online debate polls including Drudge, Slate, Time Magazine, and many others, Mr. Trump has won all of them, in particular the last one. Whereas he has always been a job creator and not a debater, he nevertheless truly enjoys the debating process - and it has been very good for him, both in polls and popularity.

He will not be participating in the FOX News debate and will instead host an event in Iowa to raise money for the Veterans and Wounded Warriors, who have been treated so horribly by our all talk, no action politicians. Like running for office as an extremely successful person, this takes guts and it is the kind mentality our country needs in order to Make America Great Again

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