Jan 26, 2016

Reported Shooting in Harney County involving Ammon Bundy - Lockdown!

OPB has just posted that there has been a reported shooting involving Ammon Bundy in the Eastern Oregon standoff

UPDATE(6:03 pm): A member of the occupation said he could not confirm rumors that Ammon Bundy had been involved in a confrontation. 
"Ammon had a meeting on John Day. somewhere along 395 there was a shooting. Nobody has confirmed Ammon was involved. No one has reported back from his detail or anybody that was with him that there was an troubly," said Anthony Bosworth a Yakima Washington resident who's been a the occupied Malheur Refuge and said he was near by. 
Ammon Bundy was not in john Day for a scheduled meeting between community members and the militants. 
Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward said he plans to issue a press release shortly.

I wonder why Sheriff Dave Ward is holding a press release. If there was a confrontation, this could be very bad. Is this another WACO in the making, or perhaps a targeted shooting of Bundy? We shall soon find out!

Go here for a list of updates on the situation.

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