Jan 19, 2016

Media Concerning Islam #3 - Europe's Betrayal of Women by Pat Condell

America, what is happening in Europe is going to happen here. We've already seen signs of things to come. Random attacks are happening by Muslims whom the government and media refuse to acknowledge until the evidence is so overwhelming that they must. Entire cities are run by Muslims. Ammo dumps are being located and large purchases of pre-paid cell phones are beginning to be common place. Yet this is only the beginning.

Like Europe, America will soon be flooded with so called Muslim "immigrants." Our women will be assaulted. Men who try to defend them will be murdered, and the blame will be placed upon said male. Those of us who do not adhere to Sharia Law will be treated as second class citizens and subjected to humiliating rules. The evidence is out there in overwhelming abundance. All one must do is be willing to accept the truth for what it is.

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