Jan 19, 2009

Thank you, President Bush!

Tonight is the end of an era. Tomorrow is the beginning of a new one. President Bush was far from a popular president. The Liberals and the left went out of their way to crucify him, while he was doing his best to protect America.

America - I don't know what it means to you, but this country still means a lot to me. The United States is the bastion of freedom in the world. Because of the USA, Europe was rescued from tyranny. Because of the USA, the one lone western diplomacy in the Middle East is still around. Because of America, great technologies and advancements were introduced to the world. Because of America, the world learned about true freedom. Because of America, many countries who suffered natural disasters received the help they so desperately needed. Because of America, tyrannical governments are kept in check.

September 11, 2001 – this country had a new administration, barely enough time to warm the chairs in the Oval Office. Cowardly Muslims, terrorists, thugs, murderers all, struck at the heart of freedom. Suddenly, the United States was faced with the worst attack on it’s soil in the history of its existence. Not even the attack on Pearl Harbor claimed more lives. We learned of heroes then, of the brave men and women of New York’s Firemen and Police. We learned of heroes who fought to the literal death to prevent ignoble and murderous scum from claiming more victims. “Lets Roll” became the standard that this country’s civilians united under. For a brief while, this country was truly united.

George W. Bush was faced with the daunting tasks of securing our country’s security, finding those who supported the cowardly criminals, and making sure that they were brought to justice. War was upon us.

We learned that this scum was supported by elements in Afghanistan. And we also had proof (yes, we did!) that Sadam Hussein did hold weapons of mass destruction. We brought those evil regimes to their knees. While doing so, our budget had to support our military machine. And also, many brave men and women gave the ultimate sacrifice by dieing for what they believed in. Yet patriotic men and women stepped forward to defend their country. They wanted to fight the enemy on their doorstep, not on ours, and thank God they did! Stories arose of national heroes, and I think fondly upon an NFL athlete who put his career on hold, put his Millions on hold, so he could serve his country. He paid the ultimate price.

President Bush had to initiate some strict laws for this country’s security. They were not the most popular of choices, but they worked. They protected our country, and not one more attack happened on our soil during his reign. He faced the rabid hatred of the left whose rallying cry was, “Bush Lied! People Died!” He faced the disgrace of those who would prefer to protest the war and our soldiers, those who would embrace our enemies for peace (in reality, surrendering), and suffered through many trials. Yet, because of President Bush’s leadership, and as well as those who served for our security, America was safe. We became secure. America found those criminals, one hiding in an underground pit.

The Left and the Liberals still hate and loath President Bush. Let them. Because in spite of them, he made sure our country remained safe.

President Bush, thank you for serving our country. Thank you for stepping up during the worst crisis in our nation’s history, perhaps just below the Civil War. I’m proud I voted for you. Thank you, that even though you bore the weight of scorn and hatred from those who truly didn’t understand, you persevered. You overcame.

God Bless you President Bush!