Jun 10, 2009


WorldNet Daily reports in an article today that:

"Fox News anchor Shepard Smith, host of the top-rated evening cable newscast, believes Americans challenging the eligibility of Barack Obama to hold the office of president are 'crazies,' saying 'there is no truth whatsoever' to the suggestion Obama is not a 'natural born citizen.'"

In response, I sent him the following email. I doubt I'll receive a response.

Mr. Smith,

I take great affront to you labeling people such as myself as "crazies." Yes I'm probably part of the Right Wing, possibly "far right" so far as you are concerned. I am pro-life, support small government, gun rights, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion. Yes, I hate it when I'm taxed to hell and gone. Yes, I supported the Tea Parties and am a staunch supporter for Israel. I loath what Obama is doing by federally taking over corporations (also known as socialism). I fear for the free world because of the attack of Islam on all it's fronts. I want proof, real proof, that Obama is a US citizen. Why doesn't he produce it, instead of that "incomplete one" from Hawaii? Oh, I also believe in the Christian God. I guess you could consider me one of the people that the Department of Homeland Defense warned about.

But, I, and my ideological colleagues, do not support violence. We do not support the murder of anyone. We don't want another civil war. Yes, we want to change people's thinking, but through discussion and education, not through threats. We put up with a lot of abuse from those such as yourselves in the media, the liberals in politics, and all those who strive to be politically correct. Yet, we do not behead people, throw up thousands of lawsuits to change people's minds or threaten to shut down industries through strikes. The legal causes we do fight for are worth it, such as - the ability to worship freely, to prevent the murder of our unborns, and to keep marriage the way it has always been defined.

So, why are we crazy?

I ask that as one America loving citizen to another, you withdraw your insulting comment and apologize.


Philip L. Damon Jr.