Oct 11, 2009

The Troubled Patriot Update

As some of you have noticed, the postings to this blog have been somewhat sparse during the recent month. The main reason has been a need for a break from the filth and corruption that has infested American society. For a stretch of close to three months, I daily delved myself into soul rending research concerning the socialist/communistic bent of our "political elites." This, combined with a complete lack of understanding that the liberal left has for what liberty truly is, and how their "flock" blindly follows them into destruction has been quite a dampener to my spirits. Truly, daily immersion into filth leaves one's soul wanting for something decent to report. This short vacation is almost over. I will soon return to my commentary on this country, in the hopes that some misguided lamb will "see the light," and turn their misguided love for Polar Bears, floating ice cubes, the Messiah(TM), and pot into something actually worth giving a damn for.

I am seeking a few things for this blog. They are:

  • Other conservative (I care not for party affiliation) authors/bloggers to contribute to The Troubled Patriot
  • Someone who is graphically inclined and would be willing to help design a logo for this site
  • Help in spreading the word of this blog's existence
  • A conservative publisher who would be willing to work with me on a book
If you would be willing to help or contribute towards these goals, please contact me and let me know. For those of you who wish to submit articles for publication, please follow these guidelines:

  • When writing an article, please include links/references to material supporting your arguments
  • Please do not use wiki's (such as wikipedia)
  • Please submit material in Microsoft Word's file format. Barring this, plain text in the body of the email will be considered
As well, I have received emails from readers who have asked me to place links to their websites and/or organizations. I ask that before you send me such a request, please have a link to The Troubled Patriot on your website.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. I'm anticipating returning to this battle of ideals with an invigorated soul and a passionate heart!

Philip Damon
The Troubled Patriot


Rushlight said...

WB, Philip.

By "the Messiah(TM)", I'm thinking you mean BHO? I googled that phrase, and that's what I got. Just making sure I'm on the same page, especially if you make reference to it in a future post.

God bless.

Memmay said...

For the graphic logo, someone should depict an image of those who died for our freedom during war time, and now have the ability to view what is taking place today. It should show the troubling feeling of their persona on their face. Unfortunately, I am not talented enough to create such a work of art, perhaps this will inspire some interest though. Hope that a good logo comes forth soon!

But you know, for those of us who are 'born again' of the spirit, we see things as foretold in the scriptures. This is playing out just like a movie, God's movie. Man left to his own choices will always choose to be self-serving and refuse to acknowledge the diety of God. Come quickly Jesus.

Rushlight said...

This logo is cool. I like the silhoutte angle: