Oct 9, 2009

Are you kidding me?!

Obama just won the Nobel Peace Prize for "offering the world hope and striving for nuclear disarmament." Drudge is reporting that Obama is going to accept it.

You have to be freaking kidding me! This man, this divider, has not done anything for peace! Well, maybe the fact that he's destroying America's influence, the value of the dollar, turning his back on America's allies, bowing to Saudi princes and wanting to cut up Israel is what the "world" considers peace.

America is coming apart at the seams with the left and right clashing in political battles (none he wishes to stop). BHO is a sad, sad joke! So is the The Norwegian Nobel Committee. Heck, this impostor who is probably not even eligible for the presidency hasn't even been in office for one full year!

I am disgusted.


Anonymous said...

Phil, I've got to admit I'm not really that taken aback. If Al Gore can win a peace prize, anybody can. If NBC even reported that the award was a bit lacking in depth as it apparently did, then that is evidence of what we've known for a while in that this "prize" means nothing. This was nothing more than a partisan political endorsement by a foreign country of an empty suit.


TroubledPatriot said...

Yup your completely right. It also points to the literal worship that the liberal left has for this person. I can't even bring myself to call BHO a "man." But yes, the peace prize has been a joke with Carter and Gore winning it, not to mention all the psychopathic journalist/authors. The world loves BHO, but I am not of this world.

Anonymous said...

Hey Phil, it's your little greeter friend from the 9/12 rally:) I totally agree with you. I read the headlines on Friday and felt ill. I'm angry that BS was given the Nobel Prize. Why? Pres. Reagan ended the Cold War and he didn't get one! What has Barry S. (AKA BHO)done? Nothing! He lies constantly and is the most anti-American president EVER! I turned my flag pin upside down to signify distress, because we are a nation in distress and I'm a person who definitely feels distressed! The Nobel Peace Prize has become nothing more than a Cracker Jack Prize. Very sad...

TroubledPatriot said...

Hey greeter buddy, thanks for stopping by and commenting! :)

It also occurred to me that another person who won the Nobel prize was Arafat! So yeah, I hope I never get nominated for anything from these jerks, it would be a shame to be associated with this list of commies!

Rushlight said...

Hey, Philip, here's a great post from an old friend of mine:

"slowed down this morning so I wouldn't hit a squirrel. Awaiting my peace prize. Just saying..."