Jan 29, 2016

A Call to Action from Pacific Patriots Network

During the Revolutionary War, our soldiers were in desperate straits. At the end of 1777, things looked bleak for General Washington's army in Valley Forge. They were literally starving, and many of them were reduced to boiling their shoe leather for sustenance. Yet their resolve held out, and they ended up more determined and disciplined than the British army. After that winter, everything turned around. The patriot forces began to have astounding victories over one of the greatest militaries in the entire world. The result of their sacrifices and suffering was the birth of a new nation whose stated purpose was freedom.

We are in a similar situation. As this nation accelerates its decline into socialism and turns its back on God and the Constitution, Patriots like LaVoy are losing their lives, while the rest of us are losing our hard won freedoms.

Ronald Reagan once said that, "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same."

Is there anything you're not willing to sacrifice for this? Can you go yourself and stand for our rights? Are you even willing to? Those who stand silently by are as guilty as those who are actively destroying our freedoms as a whole.

In the words of one other great Patriot, Todd Beamer, "Let's roll!"
Pacific Patriots Network
In light of the events that have taken place in Harney County, Oregon over the last two days, the official Pacific Patriots Network statement is as follows:
PPN condemns the violent action taken by the Harney County Sheriff's Department along with the FBI in the shooting death of Mr. Lavoy Finicum.
PPN condemns the violent action taken by the Harney County Sheriff's Department along with the FBI in the execution of arrests associated with the people at the Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge occupation.
PPN condemns the DISHONEST tactics used to arrest Jason Patrick on January 28th. Mr. Patrick's safety, well being and emotional state were compromised when the FBI lied not only to Mr. Patrick but to PPN representatives trying to assist with the PEACEFUL removal of people at the MNWR. The FBI stated to Mr. Patrick and the PPN that he was “free to go.” Mr. Patrick walked 7 miles in sub freezing temperatures only to be arrested at the checkpoint north of the Narrows.
PPN condemns the false statements given to the public by the FBI, Harney County Sheriff's Department and the Harney County officials.
Calling on any and all Americans to come to Burns, Oregon to come to the aid of the American people standing against these violent, malicious and deceitful tactics. Come stand together with other Americans, and express our Constitutional right to PEACEFULLY assemble and air our grievances.
This operation will demand the following:
- Immediate detention by Oregon State Police of the FBI special agent in charge along with all agents and LEO involved in the shooting death of Lavoy Finicum. A first hand eyewitness account presents reasonable cause for arrest while the investigation takes place.
- Immediate removal of all militarized FBI personnel and equipment from Harney County. All State and County Law Enforcement officers are not included and requested to stay and assist in the process to keep the peace.
- Immediate resignation of Judge Steve Grasty, Sheriff David Ward, County commissioner Pete Runnels, and County commissioner Dan Nichols.
In order to successfully accomplish our mission, we will need any and all Americans to PEACEFULLY
assemble within Burns, Oregon immediately. The success of this mission depends fully on the number of people that will come to PEACEFULLY stand and demand the items above be initiated.
A letter of intent will be legally served on the FBI special agent in charge at the time of Lavoy Finicum's death, Judge Steven Grasty, Sheriff David Ward, Dan Nichols and Pete Runnels by January 29th, 2016. We will request to escort the FBI presence out of the State of Oregon and once complete, the attention will return to the resignation of the County elected officials.
PPN is dedicated to a PEACEFUL operation. If you have any ill intent, please do not come. We do not need you. Please come prepared with civilian attire and adhere to the policy of no long guns within the community.
Please come self sufficient and able to care for yourself for the time you plan to stay. Donations arrive daily but they are not sustainable for a large or lengthy contingency.
Please go to the PPN website at www.pacificpatriotsnetwork.com for updates to the call to action. We ask that you email us at volunteer@pacificpatriotsnetwork.com if and when you are planning to come and stand in Burns, Oregon

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