Jan 30, 2016

Anonymous Comes Forth in Support of the Bundy Patriots

Anonymous, the so called "Ghost in the Machine" as far as the internet is concerned, has come out with a video in support of LaVoy Finicum and the Bundy patriots. Although some of the issues they championed in the past have been questionable, every now and then they get something right.

The FBI, the Oregon State Police, and the Police Force of Burns, Oregon need to take responsibility and come forward with the names of all those involved in the heinous acts committed just a few days earlier.

As time goes on, it has become increasingly clear that Finicum was in the process of giving up when he was summarily executed. The so called "road block" was a cleverly set up point of execution which even had snipers hidden away in trees.

Are the members government above the law? You tell me.

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