Feb 2, 2010

Blaming Bush

Monday in my Political Science class, Obama's speech to the union came up. In response, one of the students echoed Obama's claims that Bush was at fault for what is happening today in America. I then asked, "How long will the Democrats continue blaming Bush? Obama has been in office for a year now, and the Democrats had control of both the House and Senate for almost four years."

The professor responded by laughing that comment off and stating that, in politics, everyone always plays the blame game towards the previous administration.

Not true.

When W. Bush came into office, he did not launch into a blame game against the Clinton administration. As a matter of fact, when it became apparent that the Clinton administration bore some responsibility for the 9/11 attacks, the Bush administration had the Justice Department quash what they called, "unfounded rumors." In what could have been a perfect opportunity for Bush to strike out at Clinton (remember the damaged keyboards left behind and the stolen artifacts the Clintons took with them when they left office?), the President instead looked to unify the country in the face of Islamic Fascism. During Bush's entire eight year term, he always looked to unify the country, but it was the Democrats who were intent on division.

Indeed, the blame game was strong even then with the evil accusation that "Bush stole the election!" The Democrats did everything in their power to demonize Bush and the rallying cry for all progressives soon became: "Bush Lied! People Died!" If anything, Bush is at fault for swallowing his pride and not being more persistent in pointing out the Democrat's hypocrisy as well as the damage that they have continuously caused the United States. Yet, as Bush is a man of character, he did everything he could to try and unite this country during one of its most trying times.

When Reagan was elected President, did he continuously blame the Carter administration for the mess the country found itself in? Absolutely not. Reagan took the reigns of this country and turned it's course on to the road of prosperity.

It is high time that the progressives and liberals all over this country start facing the fact that they are the ones who continuously cause divisions. They are the ones who continue to bring up racism. They are the ones who refuse to take responsibility for their actions. As always, they continue to spitefully accuse others of all sorts of hurtful and unfounded acts.

This is perhaps one of the least of the lies portrayed in today's classrooms of "higher learning."


Loretta in Idaho said...

Thank God you are in this class and you are noting the constant attack our youth are under today! It takes these young people another ten years of living in the 'real world' before they can see that professors such as these are full of themselves and full of hype!

I share your frustration, and I am very proud of those, who like yourself, are out there in the public, unafraid and committed to making the public aware. You are the people defending this country in a "invisible war" using your mind and the media! I think I am going to copy this stuff and send it out to Rush Limbaugh.

Good job Phil!

Staci said...


George Washington