Nov 18, 2009

Old Glory

This is going to get me flack from some of my readers, I know it. Yet at the same time I have to ask: “What is Sarah doing?” recently ran a story where the picture below taken for “Runners World” was sold against contract orders to Newsweek.

Questions of “sexism” and contract breaches run throughout the article, yet one thing kept jumping out at me that was not brought up. Why is the American flag draped over a chair, and why is Sarah leaning on it?

Call me old fashioned. Call me a prude. But I believe that the American flag should be displayed proudly where it belongs - on a flag pole or draped solemnly over the casket of one who sacrificed all for their country. If it’s not being used for such, then it should be folded properly and with honor kept high and dry off the ground. The American flag should never be used as a prop, ever!

Throughout our history, many Americans gave the ultimate price so that Old Glory could be hung with the honor and respect it deserves. It was the rallying beacon for those who fought for our independence. It was held aloft while this nation fought against itself. It was placed proudly upon Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima where one marine died for every yard gained to the summit. It has been held proudly, fought for, bled for, and died for in every war since.

I do respect Sarah’s political stance. I respect a lot of what she has said. However, no matter the reason this picture was taken, I cannot respect the misuse of the American flag.

Do I think that she intentionally tried to disrespect Old Glory? Of course not. Yet I feel that this picture is the result of a disease that has infested mainstream American thinking for the past 50 years. No longer is the history of this great nation spoken about with pride and reverence. Instead, our public school teachers and university professors attempt to find everything that is “bad” about America and teach it to their students. Children are no longer told of the great sacrifices of this country’s founders, nor of the great things the United States has done – and continues to do.

Instead of showing reverence and being thankful for the nation which houses them, people now take for granted the existence of this great country. Sometimes they will actually loath what America stands for and attempt to change it. I feel that the election of Barack Obama is a fine example where we now have a president who is attempting to change everything that this country once stood for, and in the processes, is turning America into a socialist nation.

It is past time that America returns to her roots! Her citizens should return to the pride once felt by their ancestors. Schools and universities should teach their students what is great about this nation, and should instill a sense of honor and respect to their audience.

Why is the picture of the flag raising on Iwo Jima so famous? Because it represents the sacrifice that American men made for freedom. It represents pride that this country’s citizens once felt. Old Glory ultimately represents liberty.

PS - Did you notice that Google wouldn't allow the previous article to be "dug?" Yet when this article was posted, the options became immediately available. PC reigns with them, that's for sure!


Siobhan said...

I can totally see you point on most of this. Earlier in the year a previous boss and friend of mine passed away. He had served as a navigator in WWII and the Korean War while serving in the Air Force. I was always in awe of the stories he told. His funeral was unlike anything I have been to and when the honor guarded folded the flag and handed it to the widow I couldn't help but weep because of the symbolism in that moment.

In my book he is a hero for the things that he did, not some of the Hollywood types that people worship. Sadly the name of the Hollywood beauty queen will be remembered by many while the name of the fallen soldier will be remembered by few.

TroubledPatriot said...

If you have an hour or so to spend, National Geographic did an incredible tribute to Arlington National Cemetery called, "Arlington: Field of Honor." It's currently hosted on YouTube at this link: .

I must say that I was profoundly moved when I watched it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Phil,

Been a while since I checked in. Glad to see you are still busy. I too had to wonder about Mrs. Palin and this tawdry pose, the flag issue not withstanding. I respect her in most regards, but think it is inappropriate to bring even a hint of sexuality into her public persona. I would have liked to think she grew out of that. I'll not bring other issues into this that are near and dear to me, but I hope she shows better judgement in the future.


TroubledPatriot said...

PJC, I agree with you. I was also shocked at it as well. It almost removes the question from my mind as to how her teenage daughter got pregnant by a male porn star. That is NOT the best image to portray. However, I felt it was best to raise the flag issue, as in my opinion, it is a symptom of America's antipathy to the flag.

Good to see you around! :)

Siobhan said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I sat down and watched it tonight. Shaiann watched most of the show with me (she missed the beginning). At 9 years of age she didn't understand parts of it, but when it was over I explained the parts that she didn't understand. We both enjoyed it and both learned some new things.