Nov 15, 2009

It's Not Ignorance, It's Complete Disdain

Much is being said about B.O.’s recent bow to Japan’s Emperor Akihito. What is not being comment on is why this was done. Simply put, it’s Obama’s way of explicitly letting the American people know that he does not care about them in any way, shape or form.

When the frothing Muslim fanatic slaughtered our soldiers in Ft. Hood, what was B.O’s response? He spent two minutes giving a “shout out” to someone and then talked about his domestic policies. Finally he addressed Ft. Hood. He went on to ask us not to “jump to any conclusions” even though the evidence clearly shows that this mass-murder was committed by a Muslim in the name of his god.

Early on in B.O.’s presidency, he caused an uproar by bowing to a Saudi prince. His hacks in the White House did everything they could to deny the event. They are well aware of America’s reaction to their leader bowing to anyone. So is he.

The terrorist masterminds behind 9-11 are now going to be tried in a court in New York City. It’s going to be a civilian court, not a military one. He is going to give these pigs the same rights as Americans, even though they are not such. He is going to “prosecute” them as civilians even though these dogs have already confessed to their actions and have asked to be executed. This could take up to two years to happen and cost the American tax payer millions of dollars. In the mean time, this will focus Muslim outrage on a populace that has already had more then it’s share of Islamic violence. During this sham of a trial, it will not be these mass murderers who will be prosecuted, it will be the United States itself.

B.O.’s plan to deal with the inmates at Gitmo is to ship them to prisons in the United States. Instead of protecting America, he is intentionally moving these animals who want to slaughter us into our heartland.

Obama fought like the gangster he is to have the “Health Care Reform” bill passed in the House, even though it is quite obvious that the American populace does not want it. This was made plainly clear with the over 4.5 million pink slips sent to congress, multiple rallies throughout the nation, and a last minute event that drew, what some estimates claim, up to 10,000 protesters to the doors of Congress itself. The American populace is told that it will provide health care for everyone. This is an outright lie. Even if this travesty of a bill is ratified in the Senate, there will still be millions of Americans not covered. It is a simple fact that Medicare could cover every single uninsured American for a fraction of the price. I don’t agree with this, but it can be done easily. Yet it just shows that the welfare of the United States citizen does not concern him. What does concern him is his own personal power.

America’s men and women are being killed in Afghanistan while B.O. remains “undecided” about sending the troop increase requested by the military. Moral is falling fast. Obama is undecided because of his anti-war base in America. He doesn’t care that our sons and daughters are being slaughtered. Instead, he’s concerned about his re-election possibilities. He will only increase our military presence there if he is absolutely sure that it will not affect his chance of staying president for a second term (and perhaps beyond).

Some people claim that Obama is simply "stupid" or inexperienced. They claim that he is committing these “errors” out of ignorance. Those who make these statements are sadly mistaken. Obama ran an amazing (yet corrupt) campaign where he convinced the unlearned and uncaring masses to vote for him. He was such a master at this that he did not have to lie to the American populace about his intentions. He promised change, and he described what type of change it would be. Through his charisma, he played upon America’s guilt. He played the race card to the hilt and worked on those who are controlled by their emotions. Obama ran an amazing campaign indeed.

I do not have an ounce of respect for this man who is occupying the highest seat in the United States. Yet I do not underestimate him. Here is a man who has a high degree of intellect only to be matched with the largest ego ever witnessed in a sitting President. He does not care for you America. He wants your votes because he wants power. Once he has that power, his “concern” for you is gone.

Obama is the closest thing America has ever had to a dictator. He is working hard to remain in power. He is working hard to change the face of this country. He has shown his loath for you by apologizing to everyone he can find. He and his wife have shown their disdain for you – before and after the election. They will continue to do so.

No, I do not respect Obama at all. Yet I will not underestimate this man. Neither should you.


Siobhan said...

This statement: "Some people claim that Obama is simply "stupid" or inexperienced. They claim that he is committing these “errors” out of ignorance." is seriously disturbing to me. Ignorance is a child not knowing that he shouldn't touch a hot stove. Ignorance should not be tolerated, nor an excuse, for the person holding the most powerful seat in the government. If that were truly acceptable for a leader then local redneck Bob would be equally qualified to hold the position. This certainly isn't the case. The excuse of ignorance and inexperience is acceptable when excusing a child's actions when touching a hot stove, not when discussing the future of the country.

TroubledPatriot said...

You're absolutely correct.

Rushlight said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but in Japanese society, when equals bow in greeting, their heads go down to the same level. When a person bows lower than the other, he is demonstrating the other person is his superior.

Note how, in this pic, BO's head is lower than the Jananese emperor's....

TroubledPatriot said...

You are correct, Rushlight.