Nov 6, 2009

Appalled but no longer surprised

I was speaking to my father on the phone yesterday about events that were happening at the local "Constitution Class" here in Pocatello. I mentioned some of what I wrote a couple articles back in my posting about how America should not remain neutral. I mentioned the disgust I had when the person leading the class stated that the reason Muslims hate us is because of our sanctions. He stated that only a few Muslims are "extremists." Basically, it was a "blame America's policies for why the Muslim world hates us" rant. Myself and at least one other person were in shock by what he said. I had decided after that disgrace that I would never attend another one of his "classes." Then yesterday's Ft. Hood slaughter happened. The animal screamed, "God is great," as he gunned down our soldiers.

An imam from a mosque Hasan regularly attended said Hasan, a lifelong Muslim, was a committed soldier, gave no sign of extremist beliefs and regularly wore his uniform at prayers.

For once, I believe them!

Anyone who has the guts to do some actual research will quickly find out that Islam is NOT a religion of peace. Indeed, it isn't much of a religion at all, but a system for world domination. Even a study of their "prophet's" life will show how he conquered by the sword, slaughtered innocents, raped a 9 year old girl... I can go on and on. If you really want to know what is happening, I have links to two sites on this blog. One of them is The Religion of Peace. The other is Jihad Watch. Just a reminder, who did the "Palestinians" vote into office? Hamas. If you have the guts to stop being politically correct, if you really want to know what is happening, view those websites. If not, then don't comment on something you know nothing about.

B.O. showed his usual disdain for America in a speech last night where he decided to give a "shout out" before addressing the disaster that happened yesterday. Truly, he is an evil man and MUST be removed from power - him and ALL of the cronies who support him. This includes that traitorous wench Pelosi who isn't even following her own promises about posting the bill 72 hours in advance of a vote - which will happen tomorrow for "health care."

I am tired of people who don't have the guts to stand up for what is right and true, even it if is "unpopular." Go crawl back into your caves, for all I care. You do not lead us.

To those who were personally affected by yesterday's tragic events, you have my heart felt condolences. I am truly sorry that this happened. I'm sorry that a man who played an advisory role concerning homeland security in B.O.'s transition to the White House followed his true faith.

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