May 23, 2010

Islam's Response - Everybody Draw Holocaust Day

One does not need to wait very long for the Muslims to show the world their true colors - once again. In a response to the "Draw Mohammad Day" (DMD) event, Muslims have started an "Everybody Draw Holocaust Day" which is set for June 30th, 2010.

Now as an American, I fully support their freedom of speech which allows them to draw what ever they want.  I know that if I find something offensive, I can simply look away.  As a Christian, I have grown accustom to Christ and his followers being routinely attacked in various and deplorable ways.  However, just like all the other Christians on this planet, I have chosen to either ignore them, or if a protest is necessary, to do so in a peaceful manner.  Indeed, I have yet to hear of a "cartoonist" who, while slandering Christianity, fears for his life. And that's the point!

The DMD event wasn't an attempt to deny the existence of the Islamic prophet, nor was it the result of "Islamophobia" [sic].  It was a direct response to the rabid horde which seeks to destroy any free speech but theirs.  As I have shown many times over, those few souls who had the courage to stand up to Islam have been persecuted - many unto death.  May 20th was a world-wide response to Islamic forced Dhimmitude as thousands stood together as one to boldly proclaim their liberty and rights.

So in an effort to "hit back," the Muslims have decided to mock and insult the Holocaust.  It is well known that an overwhelming majority of Muslims deny that the Holocaust actually happened.  Indeed, Iran's president  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad no longer generates any surprise with his routine denials - denials that are not limited to Islamic world leaders.  The vast majority of the Islamic Horde holds this stance.  Indeed, Islam seeks yet another Holocaust within Israel itself, vowing to "push the Jews into the sea."

Yet Islamic hatred towards the Jews is not anything new, and thus their protest by mocking the Holocaust simply reflects upon their character.  Whereas those who participated in the DMD event did so in protest of the violent intimidation perpetrated by Muslims world wide, Muslims in turn are striking out in an attempt to hurt.  They will mock the millions of lives which were lost under the dominion of Hitler.  They will mock Jews and Christians. They will mock the sanctity of life itself.  Indeed, Muslims will reveal to the world in even stronger terms the hatred that results from their "religion" [sic].

However, there will be one more point brought fourth from the June 30th "protest" - there will be no violent retaliation from Jews or Christians.  There will be no death threats delivered to the participating artists. The world elite, supported by their progressive followers, will at best, only slightly condemn the event.  Indeed, there will be more media coverage of it than there was of DMD - even in conservative circles.  Its sad to point out, but many organizations such as WorldNet Daily almost completely ignored May 20th.  Indeed, WND posted only a single link to a related article - an article published outside of America; American Thinker posted only a single blog entry which did not remain on the front page for very long.

When examining the two events side by side, the contrasts are striking. One shows a love and desire for freedom, while the other reveals absolute hatred.  One side was extremely persecuted (even by non-Muslims) while the other will receive either praise or an averted look.  Facebook bowed to Islamic pressure by censoring the DMD cartoons - they will not do the same with the June 30th "Holocaust cartoons."

In a world where many assume morality to be in shades of gray, the contrast here is sharply black and white.

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