Aug 18, 2009

Unfortunate Predictions are Becoming Reality – Part 3

This is part 3 of a series dedicated to revealing the policies of the Obama Administration. Previously I discussed the push for centralized health care and how this administration is playing patty fingers with the criminals of the world while leaving our allies out to dry.

In this article, I will discuss how the Obama Administration is pushing for the redistribution of wealth.

Prediction #3:

3. - Redistribute Wealth: Yup... remember "Joe the Plumber?"

What is the first thing Conservatives think of when it comes to the “redistribution of wealth?” For me, I remember the interview Joe had with then presidential candidate Barak Obama. Here, I think, is a more realistic view of what Obama and his supporters really feel.

What is this redistribution of wealth? It’s basically the “Robin Hood” scenario of taking from the rich to give to the poor. Now, we’ve all grown up hearing stories concerning Robin Hood. In fact, as a child, I often thought how “right” it was for him to steal from the murderous and tyrannical elite of his time. The elite were the ruling class. As an adult Conservative, I no longer agree that crime of any sort will accomplish an honorable goal, but the story itself shows how an oppressed public rose up against those who were keeping them “under foot.” Somewhat like the oppression that progressives in congress are committing today, correct?

As we can already see with his health care reform proposal (that he has yet to read), President Obama is following through with his promises to redistribute wealth. His plan is to tax those who make the most and give that money into government run social programs such as health care, welfare, and other forms of social spending.

Redistribution of wealth was first accomplished with the failed $2 trillion dollar bailout. A majority of that money went to institutions that via capitalism would have “gone under” faster. Yet, Obama rewarded the poor practices of such companies with tax payer money. In addition, a huge chunk of that “stimulus” was used to pay off his cronies in the unions as well as special interest organizations that helped him become elected. Closer examinations expose even more wasteful spending. What it has done is increased the debt each American “owes” to an astronomical amount.

Arriving on stage to the wailing sounds of this failed stimulus, there is the “Cash for Clunkers” program that encourages people to trade in their old “gas guzzling” vehicles for something that no one would purchase on their own. These are substandard economy vehicles that probably won’t last a decade. Yet our taxes are paying for this.

It is obvious that these programs are not helping with the economy what so ever. What is the President’s solution? Unbelievable as it seems, there has been talk of yet another bailout. In addition, the President’s staff hinted recently on the possibility of raising taxes on the middle class. However, almost immediately, his spokes person Gibbs stated that this was not going to happen. Who is correct here, his economic advisors or his brainless mouthpiece?

It seems quite obvious to me, and anyone who has an independent thought, that the Obama Administration and Progressive controlled congress simply cannot continue the wasteful spending they are accomplishing without an extra source of revenue from somewhere. The rich can’t foot the bill for everything, and if they could, why should they? Socialism is where everyone is on “equal” footing. It doesn’t take into account how one acquired that wealth, nor does it take into consideration those who find it acceptable to “leach” off the work of others. The Administration is even funding the Palestinians (and we know where that money is truly going).

Here’s a tip to Obama’s watch dogs and “economic advisors:” How about this? Instead of having all this wasteful spending, why not cut it instead? Then you can really lower taxes, which will have the side benefit of encouraging businesses to hire more people. Thus with more people being hired, there will be more money pouring into society’s and government coffers. With people being able to keep more of the money they earn, that will in turn encourage the economy to grow in leaps and bounds. I’m not an economist, but this seems pretty simple to understand. Well, simple unless you have been educated in Berkley or you received a law degree from Harvard.

Next in the series will be an in depth examination concerning the attacks on free speech we are currently experiencing.

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