Aug 28, 2009

Unfortunate Predictions are Becoming Reality - Part 4

Author’s note:

Dear reader, this has been one of the most unpleasant tasks I have ever performed. For well over a week I researched this topic. I willingly immersed myself in the hate speech from the left and their progressive cronies. Many were the times where I vocalized my disgust, and indeed, anger. I fought the temptation to respond in like fashion. I dreamt dreams of hatred from these thugs. This has been extremely trying for a Patriot who loves his country more then life. I only love God and my children more.

In writing this article, I was ready to post an immense amount of links pointing to socialists who have spewed forth this filth. Yet I soon came to realize that the media is saturated with it. There is not one person who is unaware of the hatred that pours forth from their mouths. Below will be a summary of my findings. I have posted only two links to further support my case. No more are needed.

I love my country, and like millions of others, I am fighting for its very survival! It is this very attack on free speech, this attack on those who voice their concerns loud that has troubled me most. For with free speech goes freedom.

Follow along with me now as I shine the light upon those whom would see you as their slaves.

Philip Damon

Friday, August 28, 2009

This is part 4 of a series dedicated to revealing the policies of the Obama Administration.

Previously I discussed the push for centralized health care and how this administration is playing patty fingers with the criminals of the world while leaving our allies out to dry. I also discussed this administration’s attempt to redistribute wealth.

Prediction #4

4. - Good bye Free Speech: Well, unless your NOT a Conservative or Christian.

In their desperate grab for supreme power, the socialists, the elites as well as the lap dog media have done everything in their power in smear the American Patriots. One of the leaders of this revolting disgrace is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

It has been reported by Politico that Pelosi has sent out a letter to her Democrat followers. It states:

Republican opponents of reform are coming out with one outrageous smear after the next, all aimed at derailing our progress. We must be able to counter their special interest-funded attacks and set the record straight.

In her attempt to divide the nation further, she seeks to polarize opposition. She claims that the Republican Party is behind the opposition to Obamacare. She states that Republican funded special interest groups are behind the uprisings throughout the Nation.

There is no special interest funding the outrage that the millions of Patriots are experiencing. They are not backed by the Republican Party. Indeed, many of them, myself included, rail against that party for their betrayal. The Republicans as of today are as much a proponent of Big Government as the Democrats. The Republican leadership has failed to listen to its constituents and with arrogance, turned their backs to them.

I am an outraged American. Where is my special funding? I do not see a dime. Instead, what I do see are taxes increasingly rising, the economy steadily failing, wasteful spending and Obama appointing un-elected, unaccountable leaders to positions of extreme power. They are dubbed, “Czars.”

Yet this is not the latest attack that Pelosi has perpetrated. She has called Patriots “un-American,” “terrorists,” and “rabble.” She has shown this not only through her words, but through her actions as well.

She is not alone. Listen to the elite paste the label of “racist” on Patriots. They claim that we oppose Obama because of his skin color. The Department of Homeland Security has gone so far as to call us, “Terrorists!”

In their efforts to smear those who seek documented proof of Obama’s eligibility, the term “Birthers” has become a horrible label, used to portray Patriots as unlearned bigots and racists.

Christians are being harassed and arrested for simply standing on the sidewalks and proclaiming their faith.

What has Obama’s reaction been to all of this? Well publicly, he has stated that American’s have the right to voice their opinions. Yet he has not once condemned the hate speech of his own party. Why? He supports them. He encourages them.

Town Halls throughout the country are erupting in anger. Politicians, those who show up, belittle and demean their constituents. The President has actually told them that when they get hit, to hit back twice as hard!

The White House set up an email account and encouraged Americans to rat each other out. It was only taken down after outrage spread through the nation as wildfire.

Email addresses were gathered, Patriots who voiced their anger found themselves part of a list that they did not want to be on. Others who had not even contacted the White House during Obama’s administration found themselves on this list. They had contacted former President Bush instead.

September 12th will be an important day, one we hope this nation will never forget. On this day, a huge rally will be held in Washington D.C. In addition to this, other rallies will be held throughout America. Now is the time, citizen, to become involved.

Do you love your country? Prove it. Stand silent no longer. We are at war with those in power whom seek to squash all liberty. They have shown that they will stoop to any level to achieve this goal. Be silent no longer!

Stay tuned for part five of my series, “Unfortunate Predictions are Becoming Reality” as I discuss how the Obama administration is working hard to discard your right to bear arms.

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