Jul 28, 2009

The Difference Between Christians & Muslims

Some people just have no respect for religious beliefs!

First, there were cartoons of the prophet Mohammad published in Danish newspapers. The result of which caused an outrage in the Muslim community with mass rioting, protests, threats, and the seizing of an EU office.

Now Somalia has found itself having to deal with a scourge of Christians. Thankfully, the Muslims are up to the task by capturing the vermin and beheading them.

The Palestinians are having a similar problem as well but are working diligently to cleanse the filth from their lands.

Pakistani Muslims are also working hard for religious freedom.

However, an outrage of outrages has happened! Someone dared to question the True Faith and instead converted to Christianity! Thankfully, some kind souls sought reconciliation and discussion of the tragedy in the hopes that peace and understanding will continue.

After all, we all know that Christians are nothing but blood thirsty terrorists who will attack, persecute and in as many ways as possible harm those who do not share their religious beliefs.

Oh, as a side note, an article at Breitbart.com has brought to light the desecration of a Bible at Glasgow's gallery of Modern Art. I know, it's probably not even worth mentioning.

Artist Jane Clarke, a minister at the Metropolitan Community Church, asked visitors to annotate the Bible with stories and reflections, as a way of making it more inclusive.

But visitors to the gallery took the invitation a bit further than she had anticipated.

"This is all sexist pish, so disregard it all," wrote one person, while another described the Bible as "the biggest lie in human history" and a third wrote: "Mick Jagger and David Bowie belong in here."

Read entire article here.

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