Aug 21, 2010

A Battle of Egos

There's a reason I haven't written much lately, and its that I've become disgusted with politics as a whole.  There are elites on both sides whose ego's are larger then our ever growing nation debt.  As a result, politics has become a disgusting pit of refuse that I simply can no longer tolerate.

Case in point is the ongoing spat between Coulter and Farah - two people with gigantic egos.  Apparently, Farah canceled Coulter's speaking arrangement as a result of her assigned "discourse" at a so called "conservative" homosexual forum.  He blasted her publicly on his "news site", World Net Daily (in reality, a gossip page where rarely any new stories are broken), and Coulter responded in turn.

I lost a lot of respect for Farah recently with him taking credit for the Tea Party movement and in selling tickets for a "Tea Party at Sea" - a cruse where a few people with money get together and gripe.  In addition, over the past few years, his articles have overflowed with a sickening taste of self importance that literally turns my stomach.  The only reason I go to WND these days is to read articles by Chuck Norris.  Everything else that WND posts is usually beaten by Drudge at least a day in advance (goes to show you where WND gets their stories...).

Coulter started off as a firebrand by making some pretty harsh comments which seemed to catch what Conservatives have been feeling for a long time.  However in the recent past, she has said some pretty outrageous things that seems to be to be an attempt to stay in the limelight.

Now the egos of these two prima-donnas of the Conservative political movement have butted heads in a public forum.  Instead of trying to work together and find common ground, they seem to be having one heck of a time ripping into each other.

This reminds me of a certain biblical scripture which encourages believers to settle things "out of court."  However, yet you won't see any of the so called "leaders" follow this wisdom.

In the end, all we have is a public tiff which emboldens Liberals and helps to make Conservatives appear as children who whine and complain when they can't get their way.

Thus, when I end up writing scathing articles about people who should be on "our side," I figure its time for me to step back and forget the whole thing.

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