Aug 6, 2010

It Doesn't Matter

Recently I was invited to join a grass roots organization in its attempt to hold congress accountable and force it to maintain a healthy budget.  I declined the request.


The answers is horrendously simple: regardless of what the majority of America wants, those in power have shown over and over again that they simply don't care.  And why should they?  America's schools and universities are churning out clueless liberal clones by the hundreds of thousands each year.  Those who are already beyond school-age have repeatedly proven by their actions (or inactions) that they either don't care or don't really understand the direction their country has taken.  They'll continue to vote in these elites time after time regardless of the consequences.

Last year, millions of Americans protested socialized government and its outrageous spending. They also emphatically stated over and over again that they did not want the liberals' version of health care reform.  It didn't matter. Arizona attempted to enforce its borders within Constitutional bounds.  It didn't matter. Millions opposed the confirmation of Kagan to the Supreme Court.  It didn't matter.  The sane populace of this country is angry and vehemently opposed to the construction of a mega mosque next the the sacred ground of 9-11.  It doesn't matter. Millions of Californians let their voices be heard - proclaiming that marriage should be between one man and one woman.  It didn't matter. Liberal states such as Massachusetts are currently considering the horrendous plan of dropping the electoral college, leaving the central states with lower populations then the liberal coasts with virtually no say in presidential elections.

The fact is that no matter what one does to let their voice be heard, it doesn't matter.  With the people this nation has put in power, no matter what petition we send, no matter how many people show up in either protest or support of a position, it doesn't matter.  Even if America runs to the ballot boxes in November and votes in a bunch of new leaders who are willing to listen to the public, it still won't matter because either Obama will veto the bills or the corrupt judges in power will overturn their attempts to return America to her once glorious course.

There is another issue that Americans fail to truly consider: that of the liberal populace as a whole.  In the minds of most Americans, liberals are viewed as pot smoking hippies and the common derogatory remark towards them is to "keep drinking the Kool-aid." What the majority has failed to understand is that they are a very dangerous group.  Compare the number of riots, injuries and deaths occurring at Tea Party rallies to those held by the liberals and this is soon easy to recognize.  Everywhere liberals gather, disaster strikes.  Property damage is a common occurrence, as well as injuries and deaths.  Even a recent rally for "peace" resulted in fatalities.

This nation is seemingly split down the middle, with the sanest of us all ignoring the true threat to our security.  The liberals will protest any crackdowns on foreign nations or invasion of this nation, yet will stop at nothing in attacking America.  If this nation is indeed on the road to a second Civil War, I fear that those of us in the Center and on the Right are going to be in for a huge shock.

At this point in the nation's history, it doesn't matter how many people protest. It simply doesn't matter.  The elites will have their way, and our once vaunted nation is now on the fast track to destruction.

This past 4th of July was the first time I consciously abstained from any celebration. The America of today is not the same as yesteryear.  There is nothing I see worth celebrating.  I loved the America of old.  I do not recognize the America of today.


wildman41 said...

I agree that we must not only vote out the idiots(liberals and some conservatives) from Congress, but also make a change in the President and put a limit of time that Supreme Court Judges are elected for. We must also bring back religion in our Christian country. Our borders must be secured using our military and illegals rounded up and deported. No benefits for illegals and a child more in the United States from illegals should not become a citizen automatically. Listen to the people of the United States and not worry about what other countries said about us.

Bill Cottrell

TroubledPatriot said...

Bill, I agree. The question on my mind is, does America as a whole have the will to do this? As I see it, this nation is divided evenly down the line. About half of the country wants free handouts and looks to the government as their savior. The other half is made up of people like you and I. Neither side is willing to compromise - I know I won't. Its hard for me to see a solution to this.