Oct 6, 2011

Christianity and Evolution

This particular entry isn't geared towards atheists or agnostics. Instead, this is for those who call themselves Christians.  It also deals with the evolution vs. creation controversy.  First, let me make my stance perfectly and unabashedly clear - I'm a bible literalist, six day Creationist.

For the past few years, I have been scratching my head and wondering how Christians can fall for the man-made theory of evolution.  Obviously, the secular state institutions preach evolution and anyone who disagrees soon becomes demonized and ostracized. So, I can understand converts to Christianity not knowing that there could be anything else other than evolution to explain our existence.  But once one starts reading the bible, God's position is made very clear.  In fact, in the first chapter, verse 1, the bible states: In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.  Notice the word, created. The bible then goes on to list what God did, day by day. Those who read Hebrew and understand linguistic rules (if they are honest) must come to the conclusion that the bible means literal days. Yet, Christians ignore this.

Lets look on a couple initial contradictions in a believer's life who holds firmly to the view that evolution is true. First, after finishing creation, God said that everything was very good.  Not partially good, not ok, not a "whoops," but very good. The bible also says that death did not enter the world until sin entered the world.  The bible states that sin entered through Adam.  Thus, how can evolution be true if that before man "evolved," there were countless millions of years where, in the survival of the fittest, countless lives suffered torment and ultimately ended in death?  How could death have existed before sin? The Christian who believes in evolution has no answer for this. Second, if God saw His creation as "very good," then according to evolution, God considers death and suffering to be "very good."  As Christians, we know that this is not the character of God.

Then there is the issue that the facts simply do not support evolution.  Let me refer you to two great scientific ministries - Answers in Genesis and the Institute for Creation Research.  ICR has started a new monthly video series called, "That's a fact."  Their first entry raises the most simplistic of refutations to evolution, but ones that must be addressed. Both organizations are staffed with scientists who received their doctorates through secular universities.  A good portion of those scientists were once evolutionists who were faced with the facts.  In being honest, they became Creationists.

All of this information is out there, and every Christian is faced with these facts. Even I was an evolutionist before being saved.  When I started looking into the creation vs. evolution conflict, I let the facts determine the truth, not some atheist theorist (Darwin).  Why then, are there still Christians who hold fast to evolution?

That's when it hit me:  they do not really believe that the bible is the inspired Word of God.  Thus, they feel free to pick and chose what to believe.  But if that's so, how can they believe that Christ was God come in the flesh (fully man and fully God), lived a sinless life, died on the cross bearing our sins, and then rose from the grave?  Probably because it makes them feel good.  These are the same Christians who deny Hell.  Yet the same Jesus who they claim to worship also preached on the existence of Hell and eternal damnation.  Thus, they chose once again what to believe. At this point, I have to ask, what makes a Christian who holds these beliefs different than someone who follows any other religion (or has no religion at all)?  If everything is based on feelings, then there is no such thing as truth.  They follow their heart.  Yet the bible states that man's heart is deceitful and not to be followed.  These Christians might have heard of verses that mention this, but again chose not to believe.  Simply put, they have absolutely no foundation on which to stand.

In conclusion, I want to issue a challenge to every Christian who holds firm to the man-made theory of evolution: Examine the facts.  I posted links to two very reputable and scientific organizations.  I've mentioned some contradictions between what the bible says is the character of God, and what evolution says.  Honestly look at them.  I also challenge you to re-examine why you call yourself a Christian.  Is it because it makes you feel good?  Or is it something more?  If what Christ said about his conquering of sin true, then examine His other claims.  Be forewarned though, Christ was a Creationist.  Is man greater than God?  If not, why do you hold on to evolution? What exactly is your faith based upon?

Either God is true, or man is true.  Which one are you going to believe?  The evidence is out there.  Its up to you to decide.

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