Sep 24, 2011

An Attempted Discussion

I had an interesting experience tonight.  I got to talking with a neighbor at the apartment complex here and he started attacking jews and claimed that the two nuclear bombs dropped on Japan equated to a holocaust.  He obviously is clueless when it comes to the facts of the matter - of which the bombing actually saved hundreds of thousands of lives on both sides if America had simply invaded.  He also called Israel of being hardline killers of innocents, and when I tried to talk to him about the human shields that the terrorists used, he wouldn't let me finish. He stated that Israel was incredibly racist, but when I tried to mention how the Muslims and Christians in Israel are free to worship as they please and have the greatest freedoms than in any Arabic nation, he again cut me off.

Basically, it was Conservative vs. Liberal, and near the end he called me an idiot, a bigot, and insinuated to a passerby that I was going to hit him when I had no desire to do so at all, and said that he had no respect for me.  He then went on to state that he hates America's military (to quote, "F&^% America!") and really attacked them verbally.  At this point in the discussion (which he started), I realized that I was talking to a brick wall.

I guess the real issue is that you can't debate liberals.  You bring out logical arguments, and when they can't refute them, they resort to name calling and demonizing of character.  I truly feel sorry for my neighbor and people like him.

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