Sep 18, 2011

Idiots Rage

Today is the so called "American Day of Rage" where a bunch of ill informed college students along with Communists descend upon Wall Street to protest banks and corporations.  Idiots.

Where do these people think jobs come from?  The government?  Hardly.  Its businesses, both big and small, that provide jobs.  Protesting capitalism reeks of communistic propaganda.  The Liberals wants to tax the rich and big business, reducing their income and accordingly their ability to create jobs.  How is any amount of tax against corporations going to succeed when those businesses no longer produce a strong stream of revenue?  By these acts, the buffoons are dooming America even further.

Students are upset about graduating with $100k in debt, and I do feel for them.  However, attempting to take down big business isn't going to help their cause.  Jobs are tanking now as it is, and anyone with any common sense knows that by taxing the rich and businesses, there will be even fewer jobs. Why not attack the universities for charging so much?  That's a much grander idea.  But no, the professors and academics balk at the idea of their money tree being pruned.

What America needs is to reduce taxes on the rich and big business.  Government needs to step back and ease all the restrictions along with the already draconian tax codes in existence.  Only then will the job market rebound.  And with more workers, a larger base for taxation will arise.  Its acknowledge that government needs taxation to function, and I agree.  But with wasteful socialistic funded programs and the bleeding dry of corporations, things will only get worse.

Liberals accuse Republicans of being in the "pocket" of big business.  At the least that's a misunderstanding, and at the most a lie.  Republicans - indeed Conservatives - are in the "pocket" of the every day American.  We know that governments can't produce revenue, only businesses can.  So that's why we fight against what the Communists are attempting.

At this point, a well informed person would think that the leftists would get a hint from Greece and the majority of the European Union (along with California) that big government run socialized programs do not work.  But then again, we have generations of drones who have "graduated" from our liberal universities.  They don't know how to think for themselves and either knowingly or unwittingly are attempting to tear America down from the inside out.

So today, the "educated" buffoons of America are trying to attack the core of America's greatness and Her ability to create jobs.  They're signing their own death warrants - and haven't a clue.

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