Sep 10, 2011

Weekend of Mourning

This entry will be short and sweet.  Tomorrow, I will post a tribute and remembrance of the events that happened ten years ago. 9-11 is more than just a "Patriot Day," its a day where thousands of families will mourn the loss of their loved ones - victims and heroes.  It is not a day for celebration.

Every year I remember, and tears never fail to fall from my eyes.  Sunday I plan to wear my patriotic clothes, and take my motorcycle for a ride.  Mayhaps I will find others and we will link up.

Please return tomorrow and remember the events of ten year ago with me.  Post comments and tell us what you remember.  Let us never forget the dastardly attacks upon this nation, nor the cheers thrown up by the Muslims for the death and destruction that was at hand.  Remember.

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