Sep 12, 2011

Proud American

Folks, I'm going to say it - I'm angry.  I'm angry at people who blame America for the travesty of 9-11.  I'm furious at people who say that America acts like a bunch of thugs killing civilians by invading Middle Eastern countries.  I'm pissed off at Americans who hold their country in such a dim light.

America did not cause 9-11.  There was no government conspiracy, and our support for Israel is no excuse for the 2,996 people who were murdered ten years ago.  The United States supports numerous other countries, why is it that our support for Israel is evil?  It isn't.  Israel is a recognized nation.  They did not displace the Palestinians.  In fact, before Israel's existence, there wasn't even a group called Palestinians! They are a bunch of refugees who were supposed to be repatriated into Egypt and other Islamic nations, but were left to rot so as to be used as an excuse to attack Israel on the battlefield - both moral and militarily. Israel is the only truly democratic state in the area, and a staunch ally of America.  To turn our backs on them because a bunch of blood thirsty killers don't like it amounts to cowardice.

Concerning the civilian deaths in the conflicts, there is no one to blame but the islamists themselves who purposefully hide behind human shields.  In our country's paranoid rules of engagements, our troops can't even shoot at thugs setting up roadside bombs if they are in the vicinity of a civilian population.  They have to watch those death traps being constructed and wonder how many of their brothers and sisters will die because of them.

America went to war as a result of war being declared upon us.  People seem to have forgotten that nations such as Iraq were giving money to the families of suicide bombers and that the entire Middle East raises its children up in hatred and with a desire for death.  While Americans are fighting to live, these people are fighting to die. People say that Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11.  They forget that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and used them on its own people - the Kurds.  As well, people seem to forget that prior to our invasion, military convoys were photographed via satellite heading into Syria.  That, my friends, is how Syria's nuclear program advanced so quickly.  As well, we did indeed find traces of WMDs in Iraq.  It was our folly to announce a date for invasion, giving Saddam time to shuttle off his incriminating evidence.

People say we were wrong to invade Afghanistan.  They forget about the Taliban and how Osama hid out in that country as well as Pakistan.  The Taliban (still in existence today) is an Islamic organization fully bent upon forcing the populace into following strict adherence to Sharia law - an evil law that subjugates and tortures people in the name of Allah.

Should we be in Afghanistan now?  Personally, I think not. Why?  Because our politicians are not allowing our military to fully propagate war.  Just as in Vietnam, our military's hands are tied politically and as a result, thousands of our soldiers have perished.  If we are not going to fight a real war, then we need to get out.

I'm upset at those who say that America is a terrorist nation because we used nuclear bombs to finish the second World War. These people are grossly ignorant of history.  They forget that on the islands of Iwo Jima and Okinawa, the Japanese fought to the death.  They do not understand that the entire island nation of Japan was preparing for a fight to the end.  Civilians were being trained in warfare and if we had invaded the home islands, the casualties calculated were tremendous.  To gauge the fanaticism of the Japanese empire of the day is the fact that it took two bombs to force the nation to surrender.  Even after the first nuclear bomb was dropped, they were still ready to fight to the death.  That was the resolve of our foe.  Those who decry our use of nuclear bombs seem to think that multiple hundreds of thousands of deaths - on both sides - were preferable to the bomb.  Are they bloodthirsty?

Unlike Obama and those who spit hatred and disgust towards this nation, I will not apologize.  In fact, I'm proud of this country's history and am blessed to be one if its citizens. Because of this nation's efforts, Nazism was stopped cold, and France, Britain and many other nations were spared dictatorship.  Communism, that evil humanistic policy of so called "equality," was destroyed.  The USSR fell and the wall between East and West Berlin was torn down.  This country was founded on individualism and greatness.  Her history is full of excellence from all walks of life: science, religion, freedom, technology, education, medical, etc.  How anyone can appologize for this blows me away.

Yes, America does have its faults, and is currently embroiled in a fight for its life thanks to the Progressive Communists at the helm and in our public institutions.  Yet there is still hope as the salt of the Earth Americans are standing up and shouting, "No more!  This is our country, and you can't have it!"

No, my friends.  Don't look to me for apologies.  This nation has nothing to be ashamed of, but instead, has everything to be proud of.  God bless the USA!

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