Sep 19, 2011

Re:Painesville Mother of 4 Faces Deportation to Mexico

Painesville Mother of 4 Faces Deportation to Mexico

She's been here illegally for 16 years but can't speak English. She had a ton of anchor babies, and lived all that time off of the welfare system. I have not a single ounce of sympathy for her. She had plenty of time to apply for citizenship. The fact is, people like her don't seek to assimilate. She never wanted to be a Mexican-American. She wanted to be a Mexican who lives in America. Why she got benefits is thanks only to the socialists who want to see a one world government.

The sob story isn't about her risking deportation, the sob story is how she fed off of Americans for 16 straight years and didn't even respect the country enough to learn its language. Send her back to Mexico where she belongs!


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Yeah, welfare has been abused forever. It was setup originally to help American's until they could help themselves. You know, widows, injured Americans and mothers without husbands who had small children.

It's not just this Mexican woman working our system, we have lazy American woman doing the same thing in this country. All over this country. It's acceptable to have a working man live with a woman on welfare so they can combine their money for luxury items. :(

I'm glad that this Mexican woman is getting returned to Mexico! Shame on her not wanting to be a part of the USA and get her citizenship. We need to be tougher on all illegal immigrants. The good Lord knows that we have tons of them working on farms. I've witnessed many men from Mexico sharing a single wide trailer so they could send their money back to Mexico. They did not invest in our economy.

Even as much as 20 years ago when I worked in a bank in Arizona, there would be these men who could not speak a word of English who would come in with their boss. He would vouch for the men so they could cash their paychecks. They had no identification or accounts with our bank.

The manager of the bank turned his head and instructed us to cash these non-citizens checks.

Grant, some are here on Visa's, but not all are. And it's just another crazy problem here in America. The European-Americans (the whites) fear speaking out against anyone of color because being labeled a bigot.

I'm for all people relocating to the USA as the Statue of Liberty welcomes new-comers. But do it right, just as millions before have done to establish residency and to build their new lives in the "Free World." It's just the same people saying the same thing, and no one is listening.

Instead they allow an illegal to be the president in our country. Yes, there is a movement for one-world government and I am watching prophecy unfold. Soon the anti-Christ will reveal himself.

John 3:16

Unknown said...

Sorry for the duplicate posts. I corrected a couple errors from the first post. Plus, I was trying to add my name, but it comes up as unknown. :( It's Memmay.

TroubledPatriot said...

I used to work for Child Support Enforcement and we'd have CPs (custodial Parents) come in to either set up cases or enquirer about current ones who could not speak a word of English. We had to have a special interpreter in office to handle them. Most of the complaints were about getting their child support payments. They were also on food stamps and such.

In fact, one of the employees at that location once freaked out because her HUSBAND faced deportation for being in the country illegal. And she was a state government worker!

I have no problem with people who honestly wish to immigrate to this nation legally, who want to assimilate and become productive Americans. However, I have no use for those who enter in illegally, get on our welfare system, have anchor babies and drain our economy dry.

But then again, your thoughts and mine concerning this would be labeled "Racist" by the liberals and progressives of this nation who wish to see national boundaries done away with and have a one world government in their place. I've been called racist so many times now that the insults just flow off my back. America.... what is it coming to?