Mar 14, 2009

I am Rush Limbaugh!

In the movie “Spartacus,” a rebellion of slaves in the Roman Empire attempts to reach the safety of the ocean, there to be picked up by pirate ships and whisked away to their homelands. The story revolves around the main hero, Spartacus who was a slave born into a family of slaves. He was sold into gladiatorial combat, and when betrayed by his master for money and forced to fight one of his companions to the death, leads a slave revolt. During this time, his group frees countless other slaves and trains as an army so that they may reach their destination safely.

There is a scene in the Roman Senate where once the plans of the escaping slaves are known, there is a debate concerning whether or not to let them leave. However, they ultimately decide that “If we allow them to leave, we’ll see rebellions all over the place.” Thus, in the end, the slaves were betrayed by the pirates and found themselves caught between two Roman armies. After a mass slaughter, a Roman general asked the captives who Spartacus was. Every one of them responded, “I’m Spartacus!” As a result, they were crucified, following the road to Rome. They gave up their lives, in a most horrible way, to defend the life of the one who gave them freedom and offered them hope. Though in the end, Spartacus himself was also crucified, it is an epic tale concerning a group of people who threw off the chains of bondage, and strove to find the freedom that every man is due.

Today, we have a similar situation. Although we are not slaves, yet, our government has become a bloated beast of wasteful spending, draconian controls and selfish corruption. Numerous personalities have arisen to speak against these evils; however it is being led by one man – Rush Limbaugh.

He is attempting to throw off our chains of bondage, to show America the corruption that is on-going, and is trying to lead us to victory. Those in power do not want to see this happen, and thus, there has been a long history of attacks against him. However, with a socialist President and congress, they have become more embolden. The President has outright attacked him, marking him as a political enemy. In addition, democrats are planning on raising billboards in the hopes to discredit this man.

We as Americans are watching history being made. We find ourselves at a crossroad of choices. Do we sit back and allow this draconian government to not only attempt to destroy this great man, but to destroy our society as we have known it, or do we stand up and fight? We need true conservatives in office, and need to throw the current ones out on their rears. We need to confront our liberal adversaries in a loving manner, and show them the errors of socialism.

Too often I run into other conservatives who have been silenced by the enemies who surround them. The media and politicians portray Conservatives as heartless monsters whose only goal in life is to make money. Most of our professors and teachers praise socialism and communism and as a result, every year our country is flooded with more people who don’t know any better. We need to fight to take back our country, before its too late!

I have to warn you though, its not going to be easy. During this revolt, the enemies of freedom are going to do all that they can to stop it. They’ll do this by “crucifying” its leaders. They’ll try to brow beat its followers into submission. As a Roman said to the slaves after the battle, “Into slavery you were born, and in slavery you will remain. Yet if you tell us who Spartacus is, we’ll let you live.” This is what our political enemies are saying to us today. “We own you. You were born into our control, and there you will remain. However, if you turn your backs on your leaders, if you hand them over, we’ll let you live. Otherwise, watch out!”

So my question is to you today, what will you do? This revolt may start out small, but just as Spartacus freed more slaves, causing their numbers to swell, the more people we “free” from this evil indoctrination, the more our numbers will also swell.

I think we should start out by making the claim that the captured slaves did. As the corrupt government officials attack our leaders, we need to proclaim solidarity with them and let them know that if you attack one of them, you also attack one of us!

Therefore, with great humility and awe, I proclaim that “I am Rush Limbaugh!” Anyone else want to join me?


Anonymous said...

I will join but I reckon there best be more than just the 2 of us!!! mainly just wanted to let you know I visited your site- it's great and I will check back often! Good to know you!


TroubledPatriot said...

There's more then two of us out there, I'm positive of it!