Mar 11, 2009

The World has gone CRAZY!

We slaughter unborn children

Our economy is in the dumps, so our “great” president has decided to place future generations in debt to try to “fix” things. The government is taking over banks now.

We’re quickly turning into a socialist nation, and when Putnin warns us of the dangers associated with it, you’d think we’d listen…..

The Republicans aren’t much better, they were going down the same road, just at a slower pace.

No one follows an absolute moral authority now a days. Just do what “feels right.” Yeah, that’s working out great….

Muslims the WORLD OVER are slaughtering men, women and children, yet anyone who speaks up against them are labeled as “Islam-a-phobes.”

We’re being TOLD that men who have anal sex with each other and women who muff dive each other are normal and healthy… Even without “religious” arguments, “evolution” speaks against such immoral behavior as that is NOT the way to propagate the species. Yet if someone speaks out against that, they’re accused of “hate crimes” and also labeled as “homo-phobes.”

Christians are being treated as the filth of the world, just because they still cling to the fact that there really IS something as a moral truth… of course, people don’t like to be told that what they’re doing is SIN.

We have clueless idiots running our governments, and even worse clueless idiots voting them in. Again, same thing goes for both parties. We just need to kick the bums out.

Our children are being indoctrinated in public schools and universities into the evils of socialism, “pro-choice,” political correctness, and all sorts of crap. These are our future leaders. I shake to even think about it.

We have people going on shooting rampages, killing innocents and then killing themselves. Of course, now we’re going to see more and more people blame guns for the violence, and not the maniacs wielding them. So more people are going to try to ban guns, and leave the rest of us “normal” people without any means of self defense when those maniacs go off on yet another rampage… yeah, it’s the “gun’s fault.”

We’re leaving Israel to the Muslim maniacs, even funding them. “But it’s just the EXTREMISTS who are causing the problems!!” Um yeah, just WHO voted them into power over there, and who indoctrinates their children in all that hatred? I mean seriously people, do you just listen to the filtered garbage that others tell you or do you have brains enough to actually look for the truth yourselves?

There’s a mass attempt by the GOVERNMENT to ruin Rush Limbaugh, even going to the point of putting up billboards. Hell, if the Republicans ever did something even REMOTELY close to this, the media lap dogs would be screaming bloody murder! Well you know what? I agree with Rush. I WANT Obama to fail! I don’t want this country turning into a baby murdering, socialist run, Muslim worshiping hell hole! Oh wait, we’re basically there. And besides, Obama won’t fail… Our schools and universities have produced enough clueless people to ensure his programs stay in power.

Speaking of H. Obama, it’s past pathetic on how everyone he selects to power positions turn out to be majorly corrupt! Of course, what else do you expect from someone who has very strong ties to the Chicago underworld? And those who aren’t corrupt refuse to “sign up” because they know a sinking ship when they see one…

THIS WORLD IS NUTS! People call evil “good” and good “evil.” I never thought I’d actually see it happen, but its happening… now!

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