Jan 12, 2010

Could this be an example why?

So, I just finished studying for the night and decided to take a peek at the news. Following a trail of links, I come upon this "excellent" piece of "neutral" reporting from CNN. The reporter, Chris Morrow, decided to attend what I can only assume to be a porn star awards ceremony. Once there, Chris interviewed a few select attendees and questioned them on their opinions concerning the full body scanners the TSA wants to install at every airport. Obviously, the porn stars saw no problem with it. Gee, CNN. Do you honestly think that a bunch of people who make a living by having graphic sex videotaped and sold to perverts around the world are actually going to care if one more pervert sees them naked?

Could this be yet another example as to why Americans are choosing Fox News over CNN?

Read the article (as well as watch the clip) here.

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Anonymous said...

Oh My Word! Can you believe that??!!! Uggggggghhhh!