Jan 14, 2010

Massachusetts, Will You Be The Next Ben Nelson?

Massachusetts, I am going to speak to you directly. Before doing so, please allow me to present my credentials.

I was born in Worcester, Ma on September 11, 1975 and am a descendant of William Bradford. For a short refresher, William Bradford was a leader of the settlers of Plymouth Colony. As such, Bradford was elected as Governor 30 times after the death of John Carver. The second signer and primary architect of the Mayflower Compact, Bradford penned the journal, "Of Plymouth Plantation." In addition, Bradford was the first to proclaim a day of Thanksgiving, of which our country now celebrates every November.

As one who was born in Massachusetts, I am a staunch supporter of the Boston Red Sox, The Boston Celtics, the New England Patriots, and the Boston Bruins. New England blood flows through my veins, and I am proud of the heritage from whence I come.

Within our state, history and pride runs deep. Reverently spoken are the exploits of our forefathers. Children are raised on tales which regale the exploits of John and Samuel Adams. Paul Revere's famous ride through the night while shouting, "The British are coming!" is as ingrained within us as our loathing for the New York Yankees! Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower are holy shrines to those who have their histories within this state - a state which boldly proclaims: By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty! Daniel Webster, who proclaimed, "Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable," was located in Marshfield where his one clapboard building is now a National Historic Landmark.

Yet something has happened to the great commonwealth of Massachusetts since brave patriots rose up against the tyranny of the crown. You, the inheritors of this proud history, have turned your backs upon your forefathers. Once vigorously opposed to anyone who trampled your liberties, you have transformed from patriots who tossed tea laden barrels into the Boston harbor, to those who welcomed the Redcoats with open arms! You have forgotten your fiercely patriotic independence and are now loyalists, completely submissive to the crown. For what other explanation is there concerning your fanatical obsession for government entitlement programs? What other explanation is there for your once hallowed halls of government being run by those who wish to trample your liberties? Is there any other explanation as to why you continue to grasp on to the Kennedy legacy, a legacy which has proven to be corrupt beyond a shadow of a doubt? Sadly, Camelot ended with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

President Obama's health reform is almost law. Behind closed doors, where liberty never flourishes, our personal freedoms are being decided by those who wish to change the very nation our forefathers fought and died for! At stake is more than our health; indeed what is at stake is liberty itself. Gone will be our choice for what medical care we can receive. That decision will rest in the hands of those who hold political power. Like you, the rest of the nation will no longer have the right to choose whether or not to purchase insurance (regardless of the need). Those who resist will face hefty fines and even the possibility of imprisonment. Medicare will be changed in a draconian manner, and your elders will suffer the consequences. You will have no say in the health care of your children, and your insurance premiums will skyrocket. Those of you who oppose abortion will be forced to pay for it regardless.

You will be taxed for four years before you see any benefits from this legislation. As well, Massachusetts will not be treated equally with the other states of the union, as Nebraska will be exempted from paying into the new Medicare fund, while other states such as New York will have to pay far less. Most evil of all is the lie that everyone will be covered by the transformed health care system. Indeed, millions will still remain uninsured!

Yet for all of that, you now have the opportunity to once more lead this nation towards freedom. For within your grasp has fallen the opportunity to once more fight for liberty's sake. Soon there will be an election for the former seat of the late Ted Kennedy. Democrat Martha Coakley has gone on record stating that she will make sure that Obama's health care reform will become law. Yet running against her is a patriot who shares the spirit of your ancestors. Republican Scott Brown has promised, that if elected, he will halt this bill in it's tracks.

Gone are the days of political partisanship. It is not important which party a candidate runs under. What is important is their stance in regards to the liberties of not only those in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, but for all us in this great Union of the United States. You have the chance to take on the mantle of John and Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, Daniel Webster, and William Bradford. Will you rise to the call of your ancestors? Will you boldly proclaim once more, "By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty!"? Or will you be the next Ben Nelson and sell out not only your state, but your nation to the tyrants of liberty?

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