Jan 24, 2010

The Invisible Man

Is it just me? I've only been around for a little over three decades, so my memories obviously don't go as far back as the majority of Americans, yet this is what I remember:

President Reagan was an obvious and active force in American Policy. In addition to his many speeches as well as meetings with world leaders, he stayed in the forefront of the American eye. His policies were responsible for the collapse of the Soviet Union, he beefed up our military, he presided over the refurbishment of the Statue of Liberty - the list goes on and on.

President George H.W. Bush was also in the forefront of the American eye. His dealings with Iraq, his meetings with world leaders, his policies, they didn't just seem to fade away.

President William Jefferson Clinton was most assuredly in the forefront of the American eye. I'm not even discussing his many sex craven habits opened to public scrutiny.

President George W. Bush was yet one more American President that we were all aware of. Iraq, 9-11, his policies, his meetings with world leaders, all of them showed an active President.

Each of the men listed above, love them or hate them, all showed a personal strength and power in American politics. Where is President Barak Hussein Obama?

President Obama's star power seemed to explode in the middle of 2008, with women literally fainting at his feet during his election campaign. When he was elected, the media and liberals the world over praised him as the next messiah. For the first six months or so in office, liberal women blushed at the very thought of Obama, while liberal men spent nights dreaming of how cool it would be if they could only look like him! Then something seemed to happen. His polling numbers started to decline, and all of a sudden, his star power was gone. Even a personal appeal to the IOC could not persuade the voting members to allow the U.S. to host the Olympics in Chicago (Perhaps they were fearing for the safety of the world's athletes?). Stumping in New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts could not persuade the voters to herald in a new Democrat, and his once vaunted "health care reform" has suddenly become dead in the water.

When the average American ponders this current administration, "Obama" does not come to mind. Instead, names such a Pelosi and Reid take center stage. And why not? They have been the obvious political force behind the slew of new legislation flooding the halls of congress, while the "Sainted One" seems to hide in the shadows.

During his first year in office, President Obama made a whopping 411 Speeches, comments or remarks; He held 42 news conferences, and 158 interviews. Yet the majority of those occurred during the first six months of his Presidency. The American public has heard very little from him as of late.

Indeed, during the recent Massachusetts Senatorial election, Democrats were virtually pleading with Obama to not show his face - to not stump for Coakley. Yet when the weekend before the election came about, it was obvious that Brown was taking the lead in the polls. Thus, having no choice, they sent in Obama.

But, with the race this tight, Democrats needed Obama to rally their loyalists. That said, the president's popularity isn't what it was when he took office on Jan. 20, 2009. Polls now show Obama's job approval hovering around 50 percent or below it. In Massachusetts, a Suffolk University poll released Thursday showed that only 48 percent approve of Obama's performance.

Obama's ability to persuade voters to back Democrats if he's not on the ballot is in question. In November, New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine and Democrat Creigh Deeds, the Democratic nominee to replace Democratic Gov. Tim Kaine in Virginia, both lost even though Obama campaigned hard for them.

During my three decades on this Earth, I cannot for the life of me recall any time where a President's own people did not want him to stump for their candidate!

To be sure, the media continues to push his "sainthood," yet Obama has lost all connection with the majority of Americans. Innumerable stories are being told about people who regret the vote they cast in his favor. Mention 2009, and Tea Parties, ACORN, Pelosi and Reid will be on the tips of most peoples' tongues. Sure, they'll mention that the first black president was elected, and they'll be able to recall at least part of his name, (but don't dare mention his middle name!) yet other than that, there's not much to say.

It boggles the mind how infective this President has been. With filibuster-proof control over both the House and Senate, Obama should have been able to get what ever he wanted. Sure, he managed to bankrupt America with his numerous failed bailouts (which had money going to non-existent zip codes!), but what else has he managed to accomplish? Other then a bunch of apologies to the world for America and a few bows here and there, I can't think of a single thing!

Is it me, or has the "Messiah" transformed into the ineffective "Invisible Man?"


Anonymous said...

It was a big show when Obama was running for president. Most of Hollywood was there casting flowery words at his feet and speaking to the public on his behalf. The wildest one who floored me during that time period was Oprah. She and many followers of Oprah and her show, deem her a black godess! Of course, she with many others put their stamp of approval on Obama just because of his color! And it's true, everyone who voted for him were very proud of themselves because they have shown now to America, that we are no longer prejudice. but, how many are blushing now?

If they wanted a black man for president, they should of voted to Alan Keys! Now there is a man who is brilliant and fearlessly defending of the United States of American. But alas, because he was speaking the turth and people were starting to pay attention to him, they removed Keys from TV!! They actually canceled his show. No surprise, I guess.

Now our colleges and public schools are out there spreading liberalism like it is the latest and only fad! How wonderful it would be if someone wrote a story about what goes on in a college and how U.S. Professors are oppressing conservative students by an under-laying threat of a poor grade. It's just like communism of the old.

If people of Russia went to church, they actually had to have a card stamped! It was public information about that person or family, and it was extremely difficult to work to provide for a family. Will it get to that point in this country?

Maybe now, with Obama's promises falling to pieces and it's been shown he is NOT infact the new messiah, he is what conservatives were trying to tell everyone before he got elected, "He's not qualified! He doesn't even have a real U.S. birth certificate!"

I really hope and pray that the people in the United States wake up and smell the coffee before it is way too late! Don't ever forget Sept 11th! Don't forget, Pearl Harbor! Don't forget how hated we are among other countries! We need to bring work and pride back to all Americans! For many nationalities and faiths have fought to keep our nation free. We can't vote anyone into office just because they are a minority.

Good article! Thanks for sharing.

A proud wife and mother of a conservative family!

TroubledPatriot said...

Thanks for your comments. As far as someone writing about the college experience as a conservative, well I'm currently attending a university now and will be writing articles concerning my experiences. Actually, I have one I'm working on at the moment, I'm just try to find time to breathe after classes!

Thanks for your kind comment, and you're absolutely right in what you said. Yes, I would have been happy to vote for Alan Keys. I don't care about his skin color (or anyone's for that matter). It's as you said: those who speak the truth (as well as those who love country) are the ones we should put into office!