Jan 4, 2010

It's The Rape Victim's Fault

There are times when one is inundated with absurdities. This is one of those times. While reviewing recent news, many stories have screamed for attention. Quite a few seemed worthwhile for commentary. Yet with so many choices, what was I to do?

The world seems to be in the midst of a mini ice age, yet we are told that dogs create as large a carbon footprint as a sports car - thus bad. Then we have news of Hawaii pulling out all the stops to honor BO with two holidays and a desire to create a state park from his birthplace (the problem is, no one knows for certain where he was born). From there, we have reports of a Danish cartoonist who was attacked by a member of the Religion of Peace(TM) who had to slam a panic button and run into a panic room to survive. Then of course, Jordan and the PA are trying to steal the Dead Sea Scrolls. Yet through all of this, one story has demanded my full attention - Ron Paul stating that America is to blame for her terrorist woes.

I wrote about this a little while back here, but I figured that I needed to add a little more to this "discussion." What Ron Paul and his supporters are basically stating is that: "it's the rape victim's fault."

A while back, while involved with a local Tea Party Movement, one day a week there was a gathering of people who came together during lunch to discuss the Constitution. During the last meeting I attended, an astonishing claim was made stating that it was America's fault that we were attacked. They said that as a result of our foreign policies, we have encouraged Islamic terrorists to attack us. With all due respect, that's a load of bull. Local Senate candidate Chick Heileson also holds these claims close to his heart.

People such as Paul and Heileson are the "diplomatic equivalent" to those who blame the victim for the crimes committed against them. They do not even bother to take into consideration the fact that the perpetrator is already infested with hate and corrupted by evil. A cursory examination of Islam reveals it's true intent, and even a cursory glance at CAIR (a supposedly "moderate" Muslim organization) reveals the truth. I ask you to go to CAIR Watch and read the statements made by it's own leadership. They support Hamas as well as other terrorist organizations, support the murder of jews in Israel, and some are even loath to confess that those who were slaughtered on 9-11 were innocent.

As I've written before, Islam has at it's basic philosophical core a doctrine of world domination. The Crusades were actually a response to Islamic invasion - an invasion that almost dominated all of Europe. Indeed, ever since Islam's inception, the world has been under siege.

Yet we have people such as Paul who are content to blame the United States for the terrorist attacks upon her. They want to remove all diplomatic support from Israel, and remove our alliances with other nations. They truly believe, in their honest but misguided hearts, that if America intentionally blinds itself to world events, it will remain safe. They have forgotten that Islam holds America as "the great Satan." Perhaps they have not forgotten this. Perhaps they have chosen to place the blame on America for that perception.

While at that last meeting, I attempted to confront the speaker about this. I tried to bring up the facts of Islamic militantism and was soundly cut off and was told once more that "Islam is a religion of peace which is being hijacked." The speaker, Chris Stevens, would not allow any further discussion on the topic. It is obvious that Mr. Stevens is willfully unaware of the basics of Islamic history. Unfortunately, many professed conservatives share these same views.

Young ladies spend quite a large amount of time finding the perfect outfit, dieting and exercising to keep fit, and using the perfect combination of makeup to accent their features. When doing this, none of them do so with the intention of inciting others to sexually assault them. When a rapist assaults them, is it ultimately the woman's fault (as many Islamists claim)?

The same can be said for America. We are the world's only true bastion of freedom - we (currently) have the freedoms of expression, speech, and religion. We boldly stand for the rights of others to enjoy these freedoms. We resist oppression and open our arms to all. We entered into two World Wars to keep millions free, yet as Islamists, those who hold to Ron Paul's viewpoints state that our very stance on freedom and our involvement in the world is the reason we are attacked.

Let me ask you this: If you saw a woman being attacked, would you stand back and blame her for what was being done or would you intervene? Can you honestly say, with today's world chaos, that as champions of liberty we should turn our backs to the plight of others? Should we allow Islam to reign supreme, and hold to the blind assumption that if we do nothing, we will remain safe? Will our inaction protect our daughters as we watch the daughters of others being raped?

Ron Paul, Chick Heileson, Chris Stevens, whose side are you really on?


Anonymous said...

How can you say that ISLAM wants world domination? If you mean that it wants to convert everyone, then yeah, but so does every religion worth anything. And saying that Islamists all want to kill us is wrong, the religion in and of itself is completely peaceful, it is only the radicals who have made it into something it;s not. Have you read the Koran? Have you talked to someone strong in the faith? You criticize others for not doing their research on the enemy and yet you show such ignorance it is obvious that you haven't either.

TroubledPatriot said...

To answer your statement regarding Islam, please go to thereligionofpeace.com and to jihadwatch.com. I have referenced it elsewhere on this blog.

Thank you for your comment.

TroubledPatriot said...

Another excellent website is http://www.answering-islam.org/ which is run by, I believe, a former Muslim who apparently knows a whole lot more about Islam then you do, friend :)

Patriot now Troubled said...

I was at that Constitution meeting you were at and you have misrepresented the facts in this post even worse than you did the last time you mentioned it. You must have reworked it in your mind a few too many times to fit your own troubled perceptions. But now everything you say doesn't seem very believable when you approach life from such extreme biases and hatred. Here's an objective look at ...

Ben Stein Explains His Attack on Ron Paul, Creating More Questions Than Answers

TroubledPatriot said...

I misrepresented the facts? Interesting, since I initially wrote about this after the meting. I wrote about it later on. What I said in this message is exactly what I said right after the meeting. I did not add my own twist to it.

Fact - Mr. Stephens said outright that because of our actions in the wars (He claimed that because we entered WW1, we caused the war to go on longer causing more deaths).

Fact - He and most of the people there said the reason we were being attacked by terrorists was because of our actions in the middle east.

Fact - The video and Mr. Stevens quoted only one part of the George Washington speech, pushing for us to keep neutral. they left out the part where Washington stated "while able."

Fact - None of what I have said is based on hate. For you to blatantly attack my character instead of my facts of the events that took place (facts that I wrote about immediately afterward) reflects upon your character, sir.

Fact - I did attempt to speak about Islam and I was cut off and not allowed to finish. Fact - We were told that it was being hijacked by radicals.

Fact - Mr. Stevens (and others at the meeting) claimed that because of our sanctions against nations such as Iran we were causing the populous to hate us.

Fact - There have been almost 15,000 Islamic terrorist attacks by Muslims around the world SINCE 9-11-01. Fact, Islam started off (when Mohammad had a large enough following) via conversion by the sword.

Fact - The Koran and haddith is filled with passages concerning killing and not trusting "those of the book."

Facts are this - I can keep on listing facts. Regardless if you want to continue reading or believe me is of no concern to me. I have not taken one thing out of context, I have represented the facts as is. I am not filled with hate, but I am filled with anger towards those who push for neutrality (friendly to all, in alliance with none - sound familiar?) which will leave other nations to the wolves, and who will leave Israel to those who want to destroy her. Also, becuase myself, Robert Spencer, the religionofpeace.com, and thousands of others who boldly speak up concerning the truth of Islam, that does not mean we hate. I have known Muslims who were some of the nicest people in the world. However, they themselves didn't know much about their religion.

Dear sir, don't come on to this blog and attempt to attack my character. Everything I say I back up with facts.