Dec 28, 2009

This Is Ridiculous

Come on government, this is outright insane! You refuse to profile, and will strip search an old lady or force a mother to drink her own breast milk, while continuing to take away our rights at the airports. Hey, can someone please tell me when, in the last 10 years, someone other then an Islamist from the Middle-East tried to hijack a plane? I mean, seriously! Now there are increased calls for the "nude scanner," random changes at security, and all this other crap. This, my friends, is why political correctness (PC) is such a horrible thing!

When are the communists in Washington going to remove their heads from the dark and damp recesses of their crevasses and start smelling something other than their own crap? I would love to have a few minutes with the bureaucrats up there to attempt to screw their heads back on correctly! But that, of course, is never going to happen.

In all truthfulness, the terrorists have won. They have won by forcing the United States government to cower in fear while suspecting everyone. Thanks to CAIR and the liberal poo-paws, we don't dare to profile! What you are seeing at the airports is exactly what is going to happen to the rest of the United States as these evil progressives continue to pass more draconian laws. Our liberty will continue to erode in the "interest" of everyone's "well-being." We'll have nothing to worry about, Big Brother will take care of everything. Right. You want me to buy what bridge?

I, for one, will never again set foot on a passenger jet. Is it out of fear? Not at all. It's simply because I absolutely refuse to release one bit of my personal freedom. I won't put myself at the mercy of some government goon just so I can take a trip.

We seriously need to hog-tie the communists in office. Then once that is done, bring out the tar and feathers and run them out of town!

Is anyone else angered by this? Are we now just passive citizens waiting for more of our liberties to be taken away? Al-Qaeda is laughing themselves silly out of their nightgowns at how they so easily hamstrung America. They don't care about lives, and the mere fact that one person was sacrificed (it doesn't matter if he dies or spends life in jail) to bring down our transportation must seem like a laughing matter to them. They put up roadside bombs in the war zone next to civilians and mock us as we refuse to shoot for fear that we might hurt an "innocent" bystander. They snicker at us as they strike with impunity, knowing we won't really hit back. They listen to the dictator in the White House make all sorts of excuses for Islam and bow down to their leaders while at the same time removing freedom from his own citizens! Their sides must be hurting from laughter when they think on how the Dept. of Homeland Security (talk about an oxymoron!) labels conservatives as terrorists while refusing to profile the most common offenders!

Are we in a war or are we just playing games? What is happening over in the Middle East is exactly what happened in Vietnam! We have government bureaucrats telling our military leaders what they can and cannot attack! They've put our men and women in danger by their idiotic rules of engagement, and have at the same time encouraged our enemy! Isn't aiding and abetting an enemy also known as treason?

War is horrible. War is nasty. But war must be fought in a manner which reminds our enemies that we will strike back to protect our freedoms! If a few citizens get in the way, sorry, but they're at fault for allowing their countrymen to continue their barbarism! In WW2, we bombed the blazes out of Germany. Then we nuked Japan, not once, but twice! 65 years later, those two nations are our allies. That's right, allies. We showed them that we would not hesitate to use what ever force was necessary to win. We need to do the same in the Middle East.

But no. What we have in power now are a bunch of pansies that continue to remove the rights of their citizens while doing their best to protect the enemy camp. They say that a few deranged people have hijacked a "peaceful" religion. I would have loved to hear them say that about Nazism in 1939! "Hitler is just hijacking a peaceful political ideology." Bull! Our enemies are not only abroad, but there are right here at home occupying the most powerful positions in the nation! They are traitors, backstabbers, liars, dictators - men and women of the utmost darkness, an evil so vile and filthy that it could have only come from Satan himself!


Anonymous said...

It is apparent you would save this country, the USA, if you could and protect the people, if you could, from corruption and deceit. We are powerless over others, even Christ Himself rebuked them for their hard hearts. We must continue to pray, and hold on to what is true, the Word of God, and try to follow the steps of Jesus to pay Ceasar what is Ceasar's and give to God that which is His. We cannot not serve both, money and God. God will provide all our needs according to His riches in Glory. Fear not, are you not worth more than the sparrows? Doesn't God take care of the sparrows? And aren't some of the sparrows eaten by birds of prey because God allows it? We've no promise of tomorrow except this, we will be with Him one day in Glory.

TroubledPatriot said...

Thank you for your comment. Yet with all due respect, I feel that you are misinterpreting scripture. Yes, God does take care of is He provides for what we shall eat and what we shall wear. Also, I feel that you make an unjust comparison when yo mention sparrows being eaten by birds of prey. We are not sparrows. Human life is worth much more then that of any animal. In regard to Ceasar, that scripture regards paying taxes. One must also remember that during the age of the Roman empire, common citizens did not have a say as to how they would be taxed. Rome was filled with emperors.

In the 1700's, should the colonists have stood back and accepted the mantle of the British government? Should they have said, "Oh well, what will be done, will be done. We must pay the King his dues."? Who is to say that the passion that has arisen in conservative Americans (those who overwhelmingly proclaim themselves as Christians) is not from God? Are we to sit back with the health care "reform" and be comfortable with having to pay for abortions?

I think I understand what you are trying to say, but I must state that you are wrong. Yes, God does take care of us, and our ultimate destiny is to reside in Heaven with God. However, you need to remember that Jesus Himself was angry at times during His ministry here, the heroes of the Old testament had to fight back, and the American Revolution itself was blessed by God. To sit back and say or do nothing is, I feel, a gross misjudgment of God Himself as well as a gross misjudgment of our responsibilities towards freedom. Passifisism has never worked. It never will.