Dec 5, 2009


In 1993, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) raided the Branch Davidian complex in Waco, Texas after a 51 day siege of the compound which resulted in 82 deaths – women and children included. Earlier this year, the Department of Homeland Defense issued a report warning of “Right Wing Extremism.” Among some of the warning signs were ex-military personal, those who want to protect our borders, those who oppose illegal immigration, tax protesters and those who are opposed to the election of Barack Obama. In September, the police force was warned again concerning “Right Wing Extremism” with basically the same charges being levied. Yet during recent years, hard evidence (including video) has arisen revealing Islamic paramilitary compounds within this nation’s borders training militants for actual combat. The Federal government has swept all of this information aside and has effectively hidden it. Just today, the Christian Action Network released to Robert Spencer, of Jihad Watch, new video showing Muslim women training in yet another camp located in Hancock, NY. The question is, why the double standard?

The Branch Davidian cult, led by David Koresh, was a secluded group. They did not have an active paramilitary camp. They were in effect survivalists, though no threat to the government or American citizens. Yet on February 28, 1993, the BATF raided the complex “to serve arrest and search warrants as part of an investigation into illegal possession of firearms and explosives there.” - Frontline: Waco – The Inside Story

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms investigated David Koresh for conduct involving: the illegal manufacture of machine guns and the illegal manufacture and possession of destructive devices. The Department of the Treasury - MEMORANDUM TO THE PRESS

After a 51 day siege, where the complex was surrounded and tactics such as blaring loud music through the night were used to weaken the resistance of the Davidians, the BATF launched an assault by firing gas canisters into the complex and then used a tank to literally break through the compound walls. In addition to the 82 deaths, 9 Davidians were handed hefty prison sentences. Contrary to initial federal claims, discrepancies were found which have led many to believe that the Federal government proceeded illegally. Seven of the Davidians who received their sentencing afterwards had them reduced, and eventually all but one of the seven were released from prison. As well, “Two ATF supervisors, Chuck Sarabyn and Phillip Chojinacki, were fired, although they were later reinstated at a lower rank.” - Frontline: Waco – The Inside Story, FAQ 10

All of this was done by the Federal government against it’s own citizens 16 years ago, yet today’s active Islamic paramilitary camps are being either ignored or silently accepted. This is being sanctioned despite the hard facts of Islamic terrorism currently active around the world.

No matter how hard I wrack my brain in an attempt to find similar terrorist acts committed by followers of other religions, no examples arise that even begin to match the scope of what the followers of the so called “Religion of Peace” are committing. The closest I can come to is the Irish Republican Army (IRA) conflict. Yet this was a conflict that had its roots deep within British history. As well, the conflict remained almost exclusive to the British Isles. Although hard and bloody, and I do not intend in any way to lessen the losses suffered, only around 3,000 lives were lost in total since the violence began in the late 1960’s.

Islam, however, is a different story. In one day alone, September 11th, 2001, the entire death total suffered in the IRA/British conflict was inflicted upon innocent American citizens. 2,996 lives were lost as Islamic terrorists crashed airliners into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and an empty field in central Pennsylvania.

Since then, the "Religion of Peace" has wracked up a mind boggling 14,471 terrorist attacks as of the writing of this article. These are attacks, not death tolls. Including multiple attacks by Islamic nations on Israel, the death tolls alone reach well into the hundred of thousands. These are not “simple” deaths either. Beheadings, burnings, hangings, lynchings, as well as other innumerably hideous acts, are a common practice used by Islamic terrorists.

The Islamists are not confining their actions to one particular region of the world either. In addition to the Middle East, terrorist attacks have taken place in the United States, England, Spain, France, Africa, Russia, The Netherlands and many other nations throughout the world.

The attacks and death toll, combined with the hatred instilled into Muslim children concerning Israel and the West, should instill tremendous caution in the hearts of those who value freedom and life. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Either because of Political Correctness (PC), fear, or outright pandering, the leaders of the Western world have turned a blind eye to the festering cancer within their respective national borders. England, who suffered through bombings from both World Wars as well as terrorists attacks from the IRA and recent ones from Islamic terrorists, has allowed the Muslim extremist cancer grow within it’s borders. The United States is turning a blind eye to paramilitary camps on it’s soil, and Amsterdam is placing Geert Wilders on trial for daring to speak out against the truth of what is really happening.

Yet it has been shown in the past that if an organization is somewhat Christian, or at least non-Muslim, and only a fraction of these offenses are committed, the Western nations will not hesitate to crack down on the “offenders.” Again I must ask, why the duplicity?

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