Dec 18, 2009

What Will You Do?

I’ve been watching the speech of Lt. Col. Allen West repeatedly. I can not think of any way that someone else could have phrased our situation any better. No professional columnist, no other political candidate, no one could have stated it any plainer. In fact, I rank that speech to be in the same class as those given by our Founding Fathers. It is a speech that should be recorded for our children and passed down through the generations. This speech has caused me to ponder what I am willing to do for this country.

Each and every one of us has specific talents gifted to us by the Lord. Some of us are leaders, some of us are thinkers, others are financial wizards; the list of these gifts goes on and on. Every one of us has within them a deep love for this country. Are we willing to use our talents in this battle for freedom?

This year, I began to use this blog as a pulpit, so to speak, to preach to the masses the truth of our situation. I have attempted to encourage you to stand up and fight. I have attempted to tear down the veils that the enemies of this country, both foreign and domestic, have attempted to raise. I will not retreat from any battle.

In September, it was my duty to help organize and participate in a local Tea Party protest. I have posted articles to my local newspaper, have posted articles on other local sites, and have had numerous discussions with my neighbors concerning the plight of this country. I also had an article linked to from World Net Daily. I attended a campaign meeting of a local politician who is running for office, and unabashedly recorded my thoughts on it.

Two articles ago, I wrote as to why I feel this nation has gone the direction it’s now on. On Dig, two people gave that piece of writing heavy flack. In fact, I’ve received heavy flack for numerous articles and have been called everything from a racist and bigot, to a right wing extremist. So be it. Even so, I am only taking a fraction of the flack that the better known columnists are enduring.

On January 11th, I will be returning to college. My major will be in English, and I will be facing socialism head on in one of its strongholds. I will not back down. I will not surrender. I will take the resulting diploma and use it to constantly strive for victory in this ongoing battle for freedom.

There comes a time in every man’s life when he must decide upon his ultimate course. Will he strive for his own personal glory or will he sacrifice his dreams for the greater good of those around him?

Our Founding Fathers were diplomats, inventors, preachers, mill workers, brewers, farmers, plantation owners, shop owners and everything else in between. Those who led the Revolution not only sacrificed their fortunes and reputations, but offered up their lives so that America would be known as the Land of the Free. They were willing to give their all, and on the battle lines, many did.

If you are not willing to do the same, if you will stand on the sidelines while the enemy tears down our freedoms, indeed, if you prefer to sit quietly back while others take up this fight for you, then you are not worthy of the name, American. You might as well join forces with those who are the architects of this nation’s destruction. Your passive inactivity equates to their evil.

I have heard numerous excuses given by those who refuse to get involved; “I don’t know enough about politics to get involved,” “There is nothing I can do that will change anything,” “It’s too late,” “All politicians are crooks,” etc, etc.

  • If you don’t know, learn!
  • Doing nothing aids the enemy. Doing anything helps the cause!
  • It’s only too late when we surrender!
  • Professional politicians are the crooks, those who run for the love of country and freedom are patriots!

Become involved in your local political scene. If you don’t like a current politician, run against them! If you can’t run, find out who is! If they’re a true patriot, do everything you can to support them! Learn about the history of this country instead of spending countless hours in front of the television or computer! Then once you’ve learned, teach others! You don’t need a special diploma in “law” to be learned! The Constitution is only four pages long! Read the writings of our Founding Fathers! Pick up material on the founding of this county, and study! Don’t sit there and makes excuses!

If you follow blogs or websites that are fighting back, support them! Post comments, dig articles, let the writers know that they have your support, and they are not fighting this battle alone! While sending in donations does help, what good is money when the Cause lacks the manpower to effectively work? Volunteer your time. Start talking to your neighbors. Stop being men and women of fear, but bold patriots who love country more then self!

What will you do?

The Sun never shined on a cause of greater worth. ‘Tis not the affair of a City, a County, a Province, or a Kingdom; but of a Continent – of at least one eighth part of the habitable Globe. – Thomas Paine, Common Sense, January, 1776

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zeldadll said...

Hear Hear -
It all goes to the control of the creation of money and the wholly different kind of power that that kind of control wields.
Perpetual Debt = Slavery; in perpetuity
As a rule of thumb, may I suggest that if, through main media sources, you have heard of a candidate ,regardless of the office they run for in contest,
it is almost assured they have been purchased; and hold little allegiance to anything other than the purchaser.

The baseline communicated in your article is the key, in my assessment.
Primary qualifications
Know; understand; love the principles of the Constitution; give steadfast fealty to it; and none other, save the creator himself.
Merry Christmas