Dec 26, 2009

Another Devout Muslim

Yesterday, one of the holiest days in Christianity, yet another Muslim attempted to murder innocents. Thankfully, due to a malfunction with the detonator, the explosive failed to ignight correctly, saving many lives. A brave passenger, when seeing the smoke and hearing the firecracker sounds, then subdued this criminal. (Personally, if it were me, I would have done more then simply subdued him - I would have killed him.)

Now there is "shocking news" that this Muslim showed "no signs" of being a radical. He was simply "a devout Muslim." Instead, he was a member of a very wealthy family, and always "quiet." People are saying that he is a rarity, and one of the few "wealthy" Muslims to embrace al-Qa'ida. Um, hello? Does anyone remember Osama and the Bin Ladens? Wealthy Family? The only reason very "few" financially well to do Muslims embrace "jihad" is that there are very few who are wealthy. And those who are, very rarely share their wealth with others (unless those "others" are terrorist organizations).

Regardless, the whole point is that those who commit these terrorist acts are devout Muslims! Anyone who wants to get serious about Islam will soon realize that it isn't a supposed "religion of peace," but a political and cultural system designed completely around world domination. Jihad Watch,, myself (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here), as well as numerous others have demonstrated that truth! How long are we going to allow PC to continue to spread lies about this atrocity of a "religion?" It's a known fact that each year more people are killed due to the "religion of peace" then the entire Spanish Inquisition. Each month more people are murdered by Islamists then those who were murdered during the entire history of the KKK! Yet Islam is continually placated and labeled as "the religion of peace."

No, Islam is not such a religion, and it's devout followers are far from peaceful. Are all Muslims terrorists? No, but each and every Muslim terrorist (and there have been thousands) are devout Islamists. When a person is willing to take their head out of the sand to see the truth, this is a conclusion that is quite easy to obtain. Remember, Islam means "submission." How much longer, oh world, are you going to continue submitting?


Rushlight said...

I love the "get their head out of the sand" comment. ;-)

One of your best-written articles. The comparison of death tolls from jihad with the Spanish Inquisition and the KKK was a powerful point.

Anonymous said...

Phil, I have said repeatedly for many years that the one world religion will be Islam. Why? It is the only religion the so called leaders of this world are afraid of.


TroubledPatriot said...

Thanks Rush. Those comparisons sure bring everything to light, don't they?

Preston, I agree. The world leaders do seem afraid of it. They question is why? They're not technologically advanced - they've been tribal nomads for most of their history. I say pull the gloves off. It's a fact backed up by history that they only give respect to force. So, lets give them that force. Heck, I'm not even opposed to nukes as a last resort. The time for Islam to back off is now. Heck, Iran may already have a nuke - they have enough material for one. And trust me, they won't be afraid to use it. After all, Iran's leaders have gone on record stating that they feel it's their duty to bring in the "hidden iman," and that can only be done via war.