Dec 10, 2009

The Woods Affair - God Can Work

No, I'm not going to write this as presumably many bloggers, and most assuredly many tabloids, have. I'm not here to heap scorn on Tiger. Although I'm not here to make excuses for him, I am, however, here in silent support for him and for his family.

We all make horrible mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes can lead to disaster. Yet what really happened here was not just a mistake, but the effects of sin running rampant. I don't know Tiger's faith, or even if he has one. I don't know his wife's faith either. What I do know is this - we all sin and though to us some sin is greater then others, in God's eyes, all sin is the same. That means, to God, lying is the same as murder or adultery. How is that? Because sin, no matter what it is, creates a gulf of separation between us and God - even the smallest lie. Yet there was a way created to bridge that gulf. That "way" is accepting the gift that Christ Jesus gave us upon the cross.

It is not my intention to stand here and point fingers at Tiger. In my own life, I freely admit that I am a sinner, and some of the sins I have committed have greatly affected others. I can only stand and write this because I know what true forgiveness means. I know this because of how God forgave me, even with others haven't. Out of that forgiveness was created a close and personal relationship between Him and I. His love, even in the depths of despair, can and does lift one up.

What has touched me most is this: a report from the Sun tabloid states that Tiger may quit golf. Why? Because his wife is choosing to stick with him and basically said that he has to choose between her and golf. He has to work hard to rebuild her trust, and ultimately their relationship. The fact that she is sticking with him, though for now only for the children, shows that his wife is more then simply a pretty face. She is a woman of character. She could easily divorce him and walk away as a multi-millionaire and be set for life. Yet for now, she is choosing family. When compared to the women Tiger has been with, Elin's true character outshines them all.

I can only hope that this report is true, and if it is, that Tiger will make the correct decision. Not many people who are caught in situations such as this are given a second chance. Some who are don't take that chance and ultimately end up walking down the road to their own personal destruction.

As reported now, some of his former mistresses have hired a high priced lawyer. It's obvious that they are going to use all of the public attention in an attempt to bleed Tiger dry. Regardless of the situation at home, and if he truly is repentant, all sin does carry a price that must be paid. God may forgive the bank robber, but he still must pay the time in jail for that crime. It is the same with all sin. There are always consequences. What may seem to be a "white lie" can ultimately, and almost always does, end up hurting someone involved. However, there is more to life then money. There are many people who live in poverty, yet who are rich in peace. Family is more important then all the gold in King Solomon's treasure. So far, it seems that they are recognizing this.

What needs to happen now is for God to touch the hearts of Tiger and Elin Woods. Due to the fact of the public spotlight, this will be even harder for them then for the rest of us. The pressures placed upon any marriage where adultery has occurred are immense. I cannot even begin to imagine how the public spotlight will intensify it. Many marriages have broken up from less, and I only hope that the Woods will allow God to heal their relationship so that this will not be the case for them.

Yet my concern is not only for them, but for their children. My heart breaks for children who are growing up in broken homes, such as mine currently are. I cannot begin to imagine the thoughts that go through such young minds, and the damage that can be done unto them. I hope and pray that the Woods' children will never have to know what it means to have a broken family.

Instead if criticizing Tiger, we need to be praying for the entire family. I hope that God will use this situation to bring Him into the midst of their trials, and that He will heal it. I know that God can and will. What remains for them is to but ask.

To the Woods family, I doubt that you'll ever read this posting. You are probably not even aware of this blog's existence. Yet I am here to say that I am praying for you. My heart truly goes out to you, and I hope God brings what your family needs into your lives, and that He will work powerfully.

Elin, I know how hurtful betrayal is. I know how, if left unguarded, it can turn your heart bitter. I empathize with you.

Tiger, I know that there are many temptations out there, and what starts off seeming to be something "fast" and "hidden" can quickly turn into a destructive addiction. I empathize with you as well.

We have all sinned, yet God is the powerful healer. He can heal this wound and ultimately use this to glorify Him. I know from personal experience the power of God, and the love which cannot even begin to be comprehended.

To the Woods family, my heart and prayers are with you!

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