Dec 27, 2009

It's Impossible To Argue With...

The "esteemed" Sen. Max Baucus took to the senate floor to lambaste Republicans for not being bi-partisan. He claimed that the only reason they opposed H.R. 3590 (The so called health care reform bill) was so that they could score political points for the 2010 elections. Although I'm not a fan of the Republicans, that clearly is not the issue.

The "upstanding" Senator forgot to mention these few points:

  • In both the House and Senate, Democrats pressured their party members to vote for the health care bill.
  • In both the House and Senate, late night votes were held to catch the public unaware.
  • Reid bribed numerous Democrat Senators to get their votes.
  • The Republicans did indeed offer alternatives, but since they were not to the liking of the Democrats, those alternatives were rejected.
  • The Republicans were following the majority of Americans (54-80% depending on what poll) who did not want this health care bill.
  • The Democrats have acknowledge this, but state that once the bill is in place, Americans will change their minds - no matter that taxation starts immediately but no "benefits" will be seen for four years.
I would remind the Senator from Montana of all of these facts but for the one thing that everyone learns when they turn 21 - it's impossible to argue with a drunk!

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