Dec 8, 2009

You wanna talk slavery, Reid?

Reid on Monday said Republicans were displaying the same mindset as those who defended slavery.

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So you want to accuse us of having the same mindset of those who opposed the liberation of slaves? Here's a fact check for you, you ignorant racist pig - first off, it was the Democrat party that opposed slave liberation. It was the Republican party, lead by Abraham Lincoln who ultimately was forced to take this nation to a civil war because Democrat racists didn't want to treat blacks as equals. Second, it was the Democrat party who opposed equal rights in the early and mid 20th century. It was the Democrats who held on to their racist bigotry, and a Democrat president who brought in what could possibly be the most damaging social system to the blacks since slavery - government care. It is the Democrats who insist on destroying the black family unit by providing abortion on demand, welfare and all sorts of crap. The majority of black children are now born out of wedlock, thanks to Democrat policy. Yet you dare compare those of us who oppose this socialist - nay communist - take over of American liberty to your Democrat brethren of the 1800s? I would ask "how dare you" except you obviously do dare.

The liberals and so called "progressives" have kept race baiting alive and well. It's the socialist pigs who resort to accusing their detractors of all sorts of filth, from racism to hate crimes. Now the "leader" of the Senate has gone on record defending his claims and restating that those who oppose this government take over of health care (and ultimately our freedoms) as being proponents of slavery!

You know what Dingy Hairy? Go stand behind your racist labels. Go support your president in the attempted take over of America. Your time is coming, and soon when the 2010 elections come about, you and the rest of the racist, bigot mongers will be tossed out of office on to your asses. Don't you doubt for one minute that it can't happen. It will happen. Remember Tom Daschle? What happened to him can and will easily happen to you. Those of you who are in office now, who are actively trying to remake this country in the image of Stalin, your political careers are over. Period.

The American base will no longer stand for this abuse. If it means that this country needs to have another Civil War, so be it. You have been warned.


Rushlight said...

Thanks for the course in American history. You've laid it out pretty plainly. As noted by Roland recently, "History repeats itself because no one was listening the first time. ..."

TroubledPatriot said...

I apologize for the obvious anger in this post. But I can't help it. I'm sick and tired of what these communists are trying to do and ARE doing to our country! I'm sick and tired of being called a racist, bigot, and hatemonger because I oppose a president that happens to be HALF black. When a REAL ignorant bigot comes out and not only equates people like us to being equal to those who supported slavery, but also reaffirms those remarks, I've had enough!