Dec 24, 2009

Republicans Wooing Democrats

This past Wednesday, I wrote about the Republican party and asked if we really wanted to vote them back into power. I mentioned their acceptance of big government, their unwillingness to stand up to the liberal Democrats, and the fact that they are using the Tea Party movement in America to suit their political agenda.

Today, Drudge posted an article from Politico which states:

Republicans are stepping up their efforts to persuade more House Democrats to switch parties and are zeroing in on a second-term Pennsylvanian who acknowledged the efforts but said he has "no plans" to do so.

The Democrat in question is Chris Carney. He's a second term House Democrat from Pennsylvania's 10th District. Carney, who voted in favor of Pelosi's H.R. 3962, has a track record of voting 92% of the time along Democrat party lines. He has only abstained his vote 6% of the time.

One of his sponsored bills is H.R. 3955 which has as it's written purpose:

To amend the Public Health Service Act to authorize grants to 10 States for demonstration projects for the expansion of State registries on childhood immunization or health to include data on body mass index (BMI), collected and submitted to the State by health care providers.

Basically, he's proposing that we give more public tax dollars to 10 states so that they can see how fat kids are - using the BMI procedure which has been proven to be unscientific. That's a nice way to spend what will probably be millions of dollars. The bill has been introduced, but not yet voted on.

He co-sponsored H.R. 3977 which is a bill that seeks to impose on private companies a limit on how much they can charge customers based on their credit scores.

He co-sponsored H.Res.863 which calls on the U.S. to recognize the "scourge of pneumonia"... what scourge?

He co-sponsored H.Res.864 which congratulates Obama for winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

I can go on and on about this man. Suffice it to say, the links provided will give you a deluge of information in regards to his political stance, bills he's introduced or co-sponsored, as well as his voting track record. One thing is certain, Chris Carney is an obvious socialist. Yet the Republican party wants him and others if his ilk among their ranks.

As I asked Wednesday, I'll ask again: Do we really want to vote into power a political party which obviously does not hold to the same principles of mainstream conservative America? We as Americans who are tired of big government and it's leap towards absolute socialism must firmly say "no" to those who are currently in power. We must no longer vote for the "lesser of two evils." If the Republican party continues along this course of courting socialists for their ranks as well as it's acceptance of big government, we must halt all financial and political support.

The time to say "no" is long past; the time to act is now. America, 2010 is your last chance to stand up and proclaim "no more" to those in power! It's our last chance to save the Union from the evils of those who wish to force us into a one world government which proposes free handouts to one and all.

I vote no on the Republican party as it currently stands.


Rushlight said...

When I was taking government in high school, we were basically told we should choose which party OVERALL was closest to our beliefs.

Overall, I'm conservative, which equates to voting Republican.

However... as you state that to have an "R" associated with your party affiliation means you are conservative. That is not necessarily true.

Therefor: vote for the person, not the party. Yes, we are a two party system and cannot get beyond that right now, the only alternative we have is to vote in good, upstanding people with integrity.

TroubledPatriot said...

Well Rush, your high school teacher was dead wrong. I personally think that the whole two party system has been one of the reason's for this nation's decline. Why do we have to stick with two parties? Because they're "entrenched" and have been a long standing part of American political history?

Honestly, when people know what's going on and are willing to fully support the correct candidate, that's when this nation will come to the conclusion that we don't need the Democrats of the Republicans. Just my two cents :)